Tara Zinnamon

Tara Zinnamon

I began practising yoga at 18 as an alternative training tool while a member of a modern dance company. I started taking hot vinyasa classes in 2008, but when I took my first Bikram class in 2012, I was hooked! I practised 3-5 times/week over the next year, but grew tired of the stagnant nature of the classes that left no room for variability or expansion and strayed. However, once Fierce Grace launched, the rest was history.

The FG 6-class system, working all the major muscle groups pushed my practise to new levels. The focus on alignment and injury modifications as opposed to the look of the pose was something I’d never experienced before. Coming from a performance background (a dancer and choreographer, and long and triple jumper at a national level during university), my coaches and instructors encouraged me to push myself to my physical limits and further, leading to a plethora of injuries. Yoga has helped me with every one and FG has taught me to listen to my body instead of pushing it into certain shapes. My goal is to share this knowledge with other students.

I believe in the Latin proverb “docendo discimus,” which means “by teaching, we learn." I became a yoga teacher both to deepen my practise and to learn how it applies to other bodies.

When I’m not on the mat or on the mic, I’m busy helping FG with marketing and sales and completing my PhD in neuroscience. Hope to see you in class soon!

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