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Fierce Grace - Powerful Body, Expansive Mind

Fierce Grace is the first truly integrated new yoga system in decades - a unique blend of Hatha, Ashtanga, Bikram and Iyengar yoga with HiiT, Pilates, strength training, deep stretching, meditation and breathwork. Its aim is to awaken and balance us both physically, mentally and emotionally - to help us become whole, powerful and self-aware.

12 classes. 12 foundation poses. 250 postures.

The Class System consists of 12 classes of interconnected sequences with different energies. The different classes are based on the same core poses and principles, each with a different emphasis, duration and intensity. Classes are connected by 12 foundation poses which are woven through each class in different forms to ensure continuity and safe progression. The other more than 250 poses in the system develop the body's full range of movement.

People enjoy "mix and match" exercising (running one day, boxing the next) to get the variety of movement they need, but this has the potential for slow progression or injury due to a lack of continuity. Fierce Grace offers 250 poses for variety, performed at different speeds and intensities, to provide full range of movement, while providing the safety and progression of a unified system.

The FG Class System

12 classes to move you in every way possible

Fierce Grace is the first yoga system that affects not just the body, but the mind and emotions through different ways of moving - or “moods”.

Whatever we do with our bodies changes our internal world. Ensuring we pick classes from the system that balance our emotional and mental - as well as physical - needs is vital. For example, army cadet training can increase a person's feelings of aggression, while the person only doing inner work like meditation (who isn't keeping their body strong) can feel overly sensitive to the harshness of the world. Choosing a variety of classes - slow, fast, soft, energetic - can help us get in touch with new areas in ourselves.

Classes from the central Fierce Grace list should form the bulk of your practice as they are fully rounded experiences. If your goal is to develop the more Fierce qualities like strength, stamina and focus, you would add more classes from the Fierce side of the system. If you would like to work on your Grace qualities like flexibility or relaxation, you would add more classes from the Grace side of the system to your schedule.

“We can be very brave when it comes to exercising the body and challenging it. And often less brave when it comes to doing the same with our inner selves. FG brings a non-verbal opportunity to explore our mind, feelings and energy as we work towards getting strong and fit and evolving as a whole person.”
– Michele Pernetta, Fierce Grace founder

Are you Fierce?

Alpha or more outward, yang types, the very fit, often like to compete hard, push to their limits and tend to avoid any “softer” more inward-turning classes that might get them in touch with how they feel. Having a lot of energy and willpower is wonderful, but if you only practise this way you could become disconnected from your feelings and tire out your nervous system. Instead, why not see what other benefits such as better sleep or more awareness develop when you try a softer more relaxing class?

Are you Graceful?

Yin, introverted or sensitive people tend to be attracted to less challenging, softer classes, where they are not required to engage their force. Being in touch with your sensitive side is important, for connection and awareness, but if you don’t challenge yourself you may find you lack muscle, or feel unprepared for life’s difficulties. Try a muscle or stamina building class. You can take it at your own pace, and you’ll be amazed how soon you start loving it.

Work every square inch, within and without

Maximum benefits are achieved by performing classes from all 3 areas. If time doesn't allow, classes from the central Fierce Grace list do everything we need.

Getting the fastest, safest and biggest results

The more you come the faster you'll see results. The wider variety of classes you do, the bigger the improvements you will see.

NEWCOMERS should attend 6 days a week at the start if possible. This will keep your body moving in the right direction and not provide it with a chance to go back to its old ways. If this isn’t possible, 3-4 classes a week will see excellent results.

If your schedule doesn’t allow, then any class can be taken alone. All classes from the centre of the system are a fully rounded practice that will take care of everything: strength and flexibility, power and relaxation. The system works best as a whole. Performing all the classes will leave no stone unturned in your body and mind.

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