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12 transformational class experiences.
An interconnected system that balances body and mind.

The purity of yoga with a fresh modern approach.
250 poses for full functional range of movement.
Based on two decades of research and the observation of a quarter of a million bodies.

Choreographed to release the innate fluidity and freedom of the body, the zen of the mind and the power of emotion.

Live Life with FIERCE GRACE

Yoga is not just for the young and fit. It is to make every age young and fit.

Our vision is that in 20 years from now the millions of yogis practising FG will be a new breed of OAP.

Gone are the Zimmer frames, walking sticks and aches and pains. This new breed of Yogi Elder is up a mountain in their hiking shoes at 80, teaching their grandchildren handstands or scuba diving in Goa. Yoga Grandad will be leading fitness revolutions.

They say old age is not for the faint-hearted. Neither is yoga. But yoga makes your old age much more heartening.


Fierce Grace is a full-on sweaty work out in a non-pretentious environment. Almost a 50/50 mix of men and women and generally a diverse crowd. A lot of classes that suit all levels for people to fit around their busy lives. It’s sweaty and addictive!

Malin Rosenkvist

Fierce Grace West has sculpted my body and mind for that, I am eternally grateful. GREAT teachers and atmosphere. No shaming here, just laughter and serious hard work. Receptionist staff are also a delight. RECOMMEND 100%.

Dionne Blake

This is genuinely one of the best hot yoga studios I have been to not only in NYC but in the world. I have been practicing various types of hot yoga for upwards of 6 years now at many different studios across the US and Europe and can say with confidence that Fierce Grace NYC is a top tier studio. The instructors here are not only experienced but also extremely attentive to both newcomers and veterans of hot yoga.

Taylor Vasi

Like a family the FG staff draw you in. Instructors have time to talk and discuss personal challenges, injuries and the way ahead. Staff are supportive, motivating and encouraging...and the classes lead you to do all you can without judgement or's a journey which takes time to travel and after one month of their introductory offer I am hooked and glad of it, yoga everyday now until my final breath.

River Raining

The Fierce Grace Yoga Method

Fierce Grace is a fresh look at classical yoga.

12 Interconnected classes provide the full spectrum of yoga movements and energies and deliver core and upper body strength, the deepest stretching, breath awareness, stamina building and weight loss.

12 foundation poses appear in all the classes in various forms to keep you safe and progressing fast. A unique blend of all yoga styles, HiiT, Pilates and slow strength Fierce Grace enables you to achieve the ultimate combination of strength and flexibility for both body and mind.

Gone is the need to mix and match unrelated workouts to get the variety the body craves.

Our classes have been expertly sequenced to suit every level, schedule, need and mood.

Balance your Fierce with your Grace

In the Fierce Grace Class system the “Fierce” more outward classes develop strength, power, stamina and fire. The slower “Grace” classes develop deep flexibility, sensitivity and awareness. The blended “Fierce Grace” classes bring these forces together and develop both energies equally. Very often the classes we avoid are the ones we need the most.

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“I became fascinated by yoga’s ability to balance strength, which is the masculine element (Fierce) with flexibility, the feminine element (Grace). I have come to believe that when these two are in balance in a person, freedom from injury, mental balance and optimum health follow. Fierce Grace is the result of my years working to help people create this balance in themselves.”

What we do

We introduced hot yoga to the UK & Europe in 1994 opening the first Hot Yoga studio in the UK in 2000. Our 20 years’ experience knowing what our clients like, bring you the Fierce Grace method in an authentic, enjoyable way through the best teachers, most beautiful facilities and our expansive yoga community.

We never sought expansion, but others saw what we were doing and wanted to join us.

We now have studios worldwide and Fierce Grace is offered in other studios locations across the globe.

Meanwhile our Retreats and our Teacher Training attract people from all walks of life.


If you never found your crowd, felt like a bit of an outsider, so did we.

So we created our own community of misfits, renegades and over-achievers and we built a vibrant yoga community that ticked our own boxes.

If you bring all you are to this moment your transformation is inevitable and astonishing.

Our aim is to allow you to be exactly as you are now, not an airbrushed idea or an Instagram pose. That act unleashes power, potential and transformation.

Live Life with FIERCE GRACE