Fierce Grace Yoga Teachers group

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Fierce Grace teachers come from all walks of life

A crew of artists, stuntwomen, nutritionists, lawyers, ballet dancers, DJ’s, bankers, poets, pole dancers and pro yogis.

All trained by FG to deliver empowering classes, with technical precision and a sense of humour. Our teaching team has been praised for their knowledge while maintaining a down to earth, welcoming vibe.

Fierce grace yoga teacher mirela bogdanova image

Mirela Bodganova

Fierce grace yoga teacher natalia radcliffe xx

Natalia Radcliffe-Brine


Nicola Docherty


Nicole Santos


Nikki Kyriacou

X fierce grace yoga teacher oscar stevenson

Oscar Stevenson

3 Pete

Pete Cherry

X fierce grace yoga teacher rowena barber

Rowena Barber

X fierce grace yoga teacher roz hobbs

Rozlynn Hobbs

X fierce grace yoga teacher sarah buckenham

Sarah Buckenham

X fierce grace yoga teacher shirley jacobs

Shirley Jacobs

S fierce grace yoga teacher shirely williams saturation

Shirley Williams