Oscar S

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Oscar S

After years of his mother nagging him to try yoga, Oscar finally decided to give it a try. Despite his initial reservations, he found that he loved it. Oscar was once your typical party-goer living an unbalanced lifestyle, so practising yoga was transformative for him. It helped him focus more on being kind to his body and mind and as a result his sleep, mindset, drinking habits and diet all improved.

Oscar completed the Fierce Grace Teacher Training in 2016 and now feels privileged to be able to bring yoga to others. As a personal trainer, Oscar is familiar with many forms of movement and provides practical personalised instruction.

Expect unrivalled positivity and fun in Oscar's classes as you overcome your mental and physical boundaries. He was once a man who shrugged of yoga as ‘uncool’, so if you’re feeling hesitant, try a class with Oscar and he’ll soon change your mind.

Your favourite FG class and why: Deep Core because it really gets to the root of things.

Your teaching style in 3 words: Authentic, Focused, Energising.

Further Qualifications: Personal Training.

Practice with Oscar in studio or on FGTV.