Daniel Gleeson

Daniel Gleeson

I've been an exercise & fitness fan for a long time, and so me starting yoga in 2011 was an opportunity to learn more about my body and understand it in a whole new way. I began with bikram yoga, before soon discovering Fierce Grace - when I did there was no turning back. I instantly enjoyed the feel and variety of FG classes.

Outside yoga, I work on long-haul flights for an international airline. I find that yoga helps me a lot in combatting jet lag, and through stretching and strengthening after gruelling flights. Not to mention it helps me stay healthy & fit during big time changes, nights out of bed, and unfamiliar foods!

I think the Fierce Grace yoga approach and ethos are exactly right: down-to-earth, everyone-inclusive, and playful. So I decided to explore this even further by learning to teach with FG.

It's one of the best decisions I've ever made; I find teaching with FG to be an amazing and humbling experience which I relish even more each time I do it.

A yoga can class be many things, from intense to meditative, happy to frustrating, and much more besides - I recognise this in my classes, with the idea that yoga can and should be for EVERYONE. This especially includes men!

Above all I value a sense of humour when I teach. Yoga, like anything else, works best when you keep smiling.