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Injury Modification Course

Tools for yoga and fitness instructors



40-hour YA certification in Injury Modification with Michele Pernetta and Todd Taylor

In the yoga and fitness industry today, many more people are coming to class with injuries or issues, looking for a natural way to heal. It is important that instructors not just keep the person safe, but actually offer modifications that will help them in their quest for healing.

Our work is primarily grounded in yoga wisdom, which has informed many physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises for decades. We have now expanded our classes and courses to include physiotherapy wisdom to provide a practical, wide-reaching set of tools for yoga teachers and fitness professionals to use to enhance whichever discipline they teach, and offer more options to their clients.

This course is registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

This 40 hour course is one of the first in-depth certifications for yoga teachers and fitness instructors to:

  • Learn how to teach tried and tested exercises scientifically proven to stabilise and strengthen a range of injuries
  • Learn how to modify over 50 yoga postures that span all yoga styles and offer guidance for modifying many types of exercise or asana
  • Understand how to not only modify for individuals, but how to do this on the spot within a class setting
  • Learn how to include the student in the process so they can feel what works best for them

You will learn and practice how to:

  • Work with common injuries including disc prolapse, sacrum and sacroiliac problems, hamstring injuries, psoas and hip issues and the three main types of knee injury
  • Suggest modifications for the above as well as unspecified pain with no apparent “cause”, arthritis and generalised joint pain
  • Provide modifications for the main yoga asanas that span all yoga systems and learn principles for modifying all poses
  • Learn which common asana alignment errors can cause injury or wear and tear even to a healthy body
  • Understand how to work with neck, wrist, shoulder and other injuries
  • Work with older students, the very stiff or overweight
  • Recognise the safest option for students, fast
Yoga injury modification course

This course is for teachers from all yoga and fitness backgrounds, from the new teacher to the more experienced, eager to increase their knowledge and understanding of how to work with injured students and provide alternatives and modifications for safety and stabilisation, particularly in group class settings.

Most injury trainings are geared to the one-on-one private class setting and most teachers work with injured students one-on-one. However many people prefer the support of a group class, and to not feel “different” just because they have a physical issue, and many can not afford a private session. So we also wanted to support teachers in addressing injured students needs in a busy class setting.


"As someone who has all sorts of injuries I have always been drawn to the inclusiveness of yoga and the fact that you can modify every pose to suit your personal conditions. As a new yoga teacher you can find yourself in a situations where you are not ready to facilitate a new or injured student's experience due to the lack of knowledge. This course helps to tackle that issue, you leave the course feeling more confident and positive about your teaching skills. One of the greatest realisations on the course was that there is no one way of doing things." - Diana Varakina

"The Fierce Grace Injury Modification course used a range of learning styles. I really enjoyed taking part in the practical techniques and paired work. There was plenty of opportunity for Q&A’s. I feel that the course has given me the confidence to support and empower students. I am able to take the principles learnt on the course and implement them into my sessions. Providing modifications for safety and rehabilitation with effective use of props. I feel the course has helped me improve my standard of teaching, taking it to the next level." - Shirley Jacobs

Why train with
Fierce Grace

We have been teaching injury modifications, as well as alignment protocols to students for over 25 years and yoga teachers for over 20 years. With 20 plus years' experience of running busy yoga studios and supporting students with injuries in class settings – we are well placed to help you increase your skills in how to effectively support injured students when they arrive in your class.

Michele Pernetta our founder and course leader has had a special interest in yoga for injuries since avoiding double knee surgery through yoga. She has since taught over a quarter of a million people and brought her years of experience to the contents of this course which she will share with you. We launched this programme in 2017 and this is our third year.

We have been building a team of experts, increasing our class offerings and syllabus to better serve people of all ages and abilities. The aim of our 200 Yoga Teacher Training programmes and our Graduate Courses is to support yoga teachers, improve teaching standards and ultimately the student's experience.

Our passion is expanding yoga’s reach to injured people - from injured athletes, to the total novice. We look forward to working with you.

Course Syllabus

  • 6 hours - lower back injury modifications
  • 4 hours back, pelvis and sacrum anatomy
  • 6 hours - knee injury modifications
  • 4 hours – knee, shoulder, hip anatomy
  • 2 hour - the psychology of pain
  • 2 hours - recognising an issue, approaching an issue, suggesting modifications to students
  • 6 hours - anatomy of pelvis, knee and spine with reference to injury
  • 4 hours - modification practise
  • 2 hour - hands on adjustments
  • 2 hour - neck, shoulder wrist and other less common injuries
  • 2 hour - how to ensure the student is on the right track, signs, cautions, referrals, etc

Example Schedule (Please note this is schedule is an example only - the final schedule timings and topics may be subject to change)

  • Day 1 - Back & Disc Herniation, and the Sacroiliac
    8.00am - 5.15pm (In Person at FG North or Online via Zoom)

    Anatomy, adjustments and modifications for back, disc herniations, sacroiliac and neck
  • Day 2 - Sacrum, Shoulder, Knee, Hamstring
    12.30pm - 8.00pm (In Person at FG North or Online via Zoom)

    Anatomy, adjustments and modifications for Sacrum, Shoulder, Knee, Hamstrings
  • Day 3 - Breath, Hips, Psoas
    11.45am - 8.00pm (In Person at FG North or Online via Zoom)

    Anatomy, adjustments and modifications for Hips and Psoas. Trauma, Grief and Breathing Excercises
  • Day 4 - How to teach, Building a library of support, Q&A
    11.00am - 5.00pm
    (Online via Zoom only)
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About the course tutors


Michele Pernetta has taught over 250,000 students over a 25 year career and is the founder of Fierce Grace Yoga and the Course Leader of Fierce Grace Teacher Training. A personal student of Bikram Choudhury and Larry Schultz, Michele brought Hot Yoga to the UK and Europe in 1999. Michele's extensive experience and qualifications in Bikram, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Rocket, Martial Arts and Massage Therapy - as well as her decades of study in health and meditation - culminated in the launch of the Fierce Grace system in 2013. Michele personally healed her knees through yoga, and has helped countless students successfully rehabilitate a whole range of issues.


Todd is a Certified Massage Therapist and holds Full Body Certifications in A.R.T. (Active Release Techniques.) Todd is an experienced certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher and Pilates Instructor. He started his work in ART in San Francisco working with the Gaelic Football League and has received his training from leading physiotherapists and chiropractors in both the United States and Europe including Dr. Michael Leahy, developer of ART. He currently works in London treating patients at clinics and teaching yoga.