26th Dec 2023

Welcome to FIERCE IN 4 WEEKS - a transformational 28 day journey to strength, power and stamina. We have carefully designed this 4 week programme to deliver incredible results. You will tone, strengthen, awaken and super charge your body and mind. Classes, targeted workouts and tutorials to fast track you to fitness. In just 30-60 minutes a day you will feel challenged and invigorated.
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  • Choose a short or a longer workout each day.
  • Tailor your programme to your schedule.
  • Build in intensity as you progress.
  • Bonus tutorials.

Each day you will be given a choice of a class/workout lengths so you can mix and match to create the workouts that suit your schedule. Take a short class, or a longer one, or both!

Try to put aside an hour each day to see faster results but if you’re short on time choose a short intense session so you can keep the momentum of your programme. If you’re enjoying working hard you can add one of the shorter sessions to to the longer workout to intensify

The programme is designed to work your body in the most beneficial way and to achieve the fastest, safest results.

Day 1 and 2 of each week are strong classical classes. Day 3 is a targeted strength class. Days 4, 5 and 6 build in intensity as your body strengthens. Day 7 is a relaxing stretch class to ease and open all your muscles and make space for muscle recovery and building, and to relax and open the body and mind ready for the following week.

There are optional tutorials each week to improve your knowledge/practise.

The classes intensify each week.


Use the drop downs at the beginning of each week to view the programme menu. Don't worry - we don't expect you to do every video you see! Each day there is a suggested 50-75 minute class, or a 20-30 minute class for when you are short on time. Some days you will have the option to super-size your practice by adding a short blast workout, take both classes, or improve your practice by viewing a tutorial or a workshop. You can always revisit your favourite classes and mix and match them in.

You'll find a PDF you can download in each weeks section which shows you day by day your practice options, as well as optional add-on classes or bonus tutorials.

The variety of classes and time lengths are designed to make it easy and fun for you to keep working daily, feeling excited by the variety of movements, classes and teachers. Learn a lot, stay motivated and see spectacular results in your body and energy.

When you see and feel the results after 4 weeks, you will want to start all over again to keep your transformation going! Then why not take our Flexible in 4 Weeks programme for the ultimate results!


Week 1

Day 1 - Fierce Grace 60 studio class with Michele/Fierce Grace 30 no. 2 with Michele/ Bonus tutorial Introduction to the Fierce Grace class with Michele

Day 2 - Classic 60 with Tuuli/ Classic 30 in Tuscany with Michele

Day 3 - Fierce Abs in Tuscany 30 with Michele/The Rush 20 with Michele

Day 4 - Primal 60 with Oscar/Primal 30 with Michele

Day 5 - Wild 60 in Mexico with Tuuli/Wild 30 with Michele

Day 6 - Fierce Grace 60 number 2 with Michele/Fierce Grace 30 with Daniel

Day 7 - Deep Core 75 in Tuscany with Michele/Deep Core Legs 30 with Michele/ Introduction to the Deep Core Class 25

Week 2

Day 1 - Fierce Grace 75 with Kam/Fierce Grace 30 with Michele/Sun Salutation Tutorial 18 with Michele

Day 2 - FIIT 50 with Michele

Day 3 - Fierce Arms 30 with Daniel/Fierce Flow 15 minute with Michele

Day 4 - Upper Body Opening 50 with Chi/ Primal 30 with Michele

Day 5 - SOB 75 with Shirley/SOB 30 with Michele/Quick Abs Flow 17 with Michele/ Quick Abs Flow 17 with Michele/Introduction to the S.O.B class 25 with Michele

Day 6 - The Fix 45 with Daniel

Day 7 - IN 75 with Kam/IN 30 with Michele/Introduction to the IN Class 25 with Michele

Week 3

Day 1 - Fierce Grace 75 Group Class with Michele/Fierce Grace 30 with Daniel/Morning Rites 25 with Michele/Down Dog Demystified 13 with Michele

Day 2 - Classic 60 with Michele/Wild 30 with Kam/Introduction to the Wild Class with Michele

Day 3 - FIIT 30 with Michele/FIIT Flow 14 with Michele

Day 4 - Primal 60 with Daniel/Primal 30 with Michele

Day 5 - Fierce Grace 60 with Daniel/FG2 Primal Mash Up 16 with Tuuli in Mexico/ Short Flow in Tuscany 18 with Michele

Day 6 - Wild 60 with Tuuli/Fierce Legs 30 with tuuli

Day 7 - Deep Core 75 with Michele/Neck, Shoulder and Upper Back Release 25 with Michele/ De-Stress Calm and Sleep 15 with Michele

Week 4

Day 1 – Fierce Grace 90 with Mich/Fierce Grace 60 with Daniel/All Fours 8 Minute Mash Up with Michele

Day 2 - Wild 30 with Michele/FG FG2 30 Minute Mash Up with Michele

Day 3 - Fierce Arms 30 with Daniel/Fierce Legs 30 with Tuuli

Day 4 - Primal 60 with Gemma/Primal 30 with Michele

Day 5 - HIIT 30 with P Mac/FIIT Flow with Michele 14

Day 6 - Wild 60 with Brooke/Wild 30 with Kam

Day 7 - Hip Opening 70 with Chi/IN 30 in Tuscany with Michele

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