Reopening Update - In person classes at London and NYC studios

06th May 2021

Welcome back

London Class Schedules are LIVE!

FG-ers we're ready for you. Our London studio schedules are now LIVE and we cannot wait to move and stretch together as a community again. Classes can be booked up to two weeks in advance.

Our New York studio is also reopen for in person classes.

Please do remind yourselves of what we ask of students and our studio safety procedures before visiting. We'll be reopening at 30% of our usual class size capacity to give you even more space than recommended by the Government. This means classes are likely to be full more often and we'll be operating a Waitlist - please do visit our FAQs for a quick reminder of how our Waitlists work.

Booking and Membership Info for May 17th - London studios

All intro passes, class cards, monthly autopay memberships, and annual memberships will be reactivated on request, or when you next wish to visit the studio.

If you would like to book in advance, please email your studio directly to have your membership or pass reactivated.

Students have until the end of 2021 to reactivate any memberships or packages remaining from before the 2nd (Dec 20 - May 21) lockdown. At midnight on the 31st Dec 2021, all packages and memberships still suspended at that time will be considered expired and void.

If your membership was reactivated for FG DIY no action is needed, and you can start to prebook straightaway.