Keeping your practice safe - Coronavirus update

12th Mar 2020

The safety and comfort of our students comes first at Fierce Grace. Information about Coronavirus has been changing on a daily basis and we have been monitoring the situation closely, introducing changes in procedures and policy in response to the latest official information. In light of the most recent developments and how rapidly the situation is evolving, we'll be using this post to keep you updated on what we already do to make our studios healthy and safe places for you to practice, the extra precautions we've taken during this time, and any further changes we'll be making in response to any new advice from the Government.

UPDATE 20.03.20

Following the UK Government’s announcement, tonight will be our last class at FG studios in London, and then we will be closed.

Due to all of your kind and supportive emails and messages, and your desire for us to stay open as long as possible, we managed to do so on a skeleton schedule, so you could practise with a big space between mats, right up to lockdown.

We have been working to provide a support system of online classes and we are nearly there. Live streamed classes will begin soon, followed by our on demand classes after that.

Please do keep an eye on our social media and our newsletter where we’ll be sharing invites, discount codes and the latest updates on launch dates. We’re going to create an online community with your favourite teachers, here and abroad, from their living rooms.

Those keeping their memberships going to support us - we can’t thank you enough. We'll be automatically suspending all memberships and reactivating when we reopen. But if you do wish to keep your membership active please do email your studio and let them know. We are truly overwhelmed by the support from those who are able and volunteering to do this.

We are a founder led studio business. Michele started this business with two Argos heaters in the back of her car and a rented space. We have no investors or cash reserve to prop us up, just a tiny team of dedicated staff, and we don’t know what will happen.

But your love and support mean the world to us.

We will shut our doors today just after the 20th anniversary of opening the first hot yoga studio in Europe.

But we will stay alive online, and we will be back.


UPDATE 17.03.2020

SCHEDULE CHANGES As of Wednesday 18th March, in order to respond to requests from our students, and support teachers’ ability to earn a little in this period where the government has not deemed small groups gathering unsafe, we will continue with only 2 of our 6 classes a day at Fierce Grace North, Primrose Hill, City, West and Finchley and a reduced schedule at Fierce Grace Brixton and Muswell Hill.

Schedules may be subject to change at short notice, so please do check online before visiting.

These classes will run at extremely low capacity to ensure plenty of space, and no contact between students of two classes. We will deep clean between the classes and continue with all our other government recommended actions. We’ve been working nonstop to respond to the daily government advice in our studios, so those of you who choose to keep practising can do so safely, with peace of mind and you can refresh yourself on those processes below which most recently include stopping the use of studio blocks and props (please feel free to bring your own) and ongoing class capacity reductions. As always if you have any questions or concerns email us at [email protected].

Thank you to all our FGers for their support and great energy during this time, we couldn’t ask for a more inspiring and impressive community. We’ll have a fuller update for our FG community soon on what we’ve been up to and our longer term plans to help you get your regular dose of FG in your life. - Team FG

  • Regular deep cleans: All our studios and surfaces are cleaned regularly using approved disinfectant and we have increased the frequency of deep cleaning and disinfectant use in our studios
  • Hand washing and sanitizing facilities: Frequent hand washing with normal soap and water has been recommended by all public health bodies to prevent transmission and hand sanitiser is also available in studios
  • Mats: We disinfect studio mats after every class and have increased the frequency of deep cleaning of these items. You may also bring your own mat. During this time it will be a requirement for all students to use towels on studio mats when they practice, and we will be asking our staff and teachers to remind students of this which has always been our standard.
  • Props: For student peace of mind, as of Tuesday 17th March props including blocks, bricks, straps and wrist supports will no longer be available in studio to use, but you may bring your own or purchase from us.
  • Towels: Our towel supplier provides to healthcare institutions and cleans our towels to the same high standards.
  • Hands on adjustments: At FG we do not regularly give hands on adjustments and only senior FG teachers are approved to give these, however will not be doing so during this time.
  • Capacity: We have reduced class capacity numbers during this time to give clients extra space.
  • Pranayama / Kapalbhati: For student peace of mind, we are stopping kapalbhati breathing at the end of class until further notice and removed Pranayama from our Classic class.
  • Staff: We are supporting our teams and encouraging anyone who is feeling unwell to stay home

If you haven't already, we'd also like to kindly ask students to familiarise themselves with the official information from the government about how to prevent transmission, such as frequent handwashing, and self-isolating if you meet the criteria for doing so.

When visiting our studios, we would also ask that you help us keep our studios a safe and healthy place to practice by: paying careful attention to personal hygiene; always using a towel on your mat during your practice; and being mindful of other students.

If you are feeling unwell please stay at home to rest and get better, which will help to avoid spreading any sort of illness to your fellow students.

We are working closely with our studio and teaching teams on safety and hygiene. As the situation and advice is changing on a daily basis we will continue to monitor any information released by the Government closely and change our procedures in line with any new information.

Our Rome and New York studios are closed until further notice, but all FG studios in London remain open and we will keep this blogpost updated with any changes we make in response to Government advice.

Our thanks in advance for working with us to help keep the Fierce Grace community safe, healthy and happy. If you have any further questions or concerns please do let us know at [email protected]

Last updated: 16/03/2020 4pm GMT

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