How to Christmas Detox The Fierce Grace Way

16th Jan 2019

Many people come to yoga to flush out Xmas excesses, but detoxing applies to our minds and emotions as well. Read our tips for finding the right balance.

Many people come to yoga to flush out their Xmas excesses. Increasing circulation, respiration, and getting ourselves moving, our heart rates up and burning calories is wonderful way to feel great and improve our health, especially if we have been eating and drinking too much.

But it might be useful to clarify that “detoxing” can be applied to our minds and emotions, as well as our bodies.

So those intending to enjoy the festive season with some good laughs, “down-time” and relaxation, might be pleased to remember two things:

1) Letting our hair down is a form of detox mentally and emotionally, shaking off the tensions of working too hard perhaps, (even if it might raise our toxin level a bit with a glass too many, or that extra mince pie), and that “lightening up” is a very healthy thing to do, so we should not feel guilty about enjoying ourselves

2) Yoga is wonderful as a way to detox not just the physical aspects of partying a bit too hard, but also provides an oasis, where we can rest the mind, get connected with our breath, our feelings and take some time out to be with ourselves and connect. We are given a safe and comfortable way to release suppressed emotions, and sweating, squeezing, twisting, stretching and even grunting and groaning in class is cathartic and detoxifying on many levels. Stress is released from our bodies and nervous system, returning us to our natural state. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and the heated room encourages us to sweat buckets which is very detoxifying indeed.

What yoga is really doing is maintaining the health of the systems of the body that remove stress and all sorts of build up of wastes, physical, mental and emotional, naturally.

So whether you simply want to detox after the xmas excesses, or find a health tool that could lead you to a greater understanding of yourself, inner peace, and a clear mind, yoga might be just what you need (before you head off to that Xmas party).

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