Help other FGers practise from home

09th Mar 2020

As you're all probably aware from the current headlines, Italy has placed a temporary ban on all public gatherings, which means that sadly FG Roma is closed until further notice.

In case other governments see fit to have all fitness studios close their doors, and to enable our Rome students to practice from home as soon as possible, we've decided to film some classes so that we can all have the opportunity to practise classes at home, but we need your participation to make this happen. We need your body in one of several classes we will record this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Fierce Grace Primrose Hill:

Friday 13th March

1.30 - 2.45 pm Primal 75 - Tristan Barlow

3.15 - 4.15 pm The Fix - Lisa Missah

Saturday 14th March

7.30 - 8.30 pm FG60 - Michele Pernetta

9.00 - 10.15 pm IN - Steve Carter

Sunday 15th March

7.15 - 8.30 pm Deep Core - Michele Pernetta

9.00 - 10.15 pm WILD- Oscar Stevenson

Please come and support us making these at short notice. Please note these classes will be: free, filmed (mostly from the rear of the room - no close-ups), not heated, and happen in real-time like a normal class. We'll also need you to sign a filming waiver. In return, we'll have two free class passes for everyone who takes part. You can be any level - beginner to advanced, in any shape, all are welcome!

The more of us who can bring a good vibe and give our energy the better. These classes will allow Rome students, and potentially all of us, to practise at home (should the need arise) and stay connected to our FG community. To attend please email [email protected] with classes you'd like to come to. Our thanks in advance to our FG community for their energy and support. #LiveLifewithFierceGrace