A 30 Challenge is the remedy for 30 days of lockdown

21st Apr 2020

On our 30th day of lockdown we decided to launch a 30 day challenge!

Complete 30 consecutive days of Fierce Grace live-streamed yoga and receive:

  • 2 free weeks unlimited online access plus.
  • An invite to the exclusive 30 day Challenge Zoom party, bring a drink, your dancing shoes and hang out with other yogis.

As Fierce Grace is an interconnected system of classes, each class builds on the other classes, meaning you can drop into any class and keep progressing safely and achieving your goals. The classes are built around the same core poses, but with new poses and energy in each class to awaken dormant muscles and keep us interested and challenged.

WHY: Daily yoga practise has been known for hundreds of years to have enormous benefits. Even as a total novice, it is better to practise gently daily, than to push hard once or twice a week. This enables your muscles to keep moving in the right direction, without being able to contract back to their old ways.


WEEK 1 - Mind complaining, telling us to give up. Start feeling stiff around day 4, as muscles start to build new fibres. They also ache. Don’t worry, this is good!

WEEK 2 - Wishing we hadn’t started. Still want to give up, however we are sleeping better and in a better mood. Still a bit stiff.

WEEK 3 - Starting to feel good. I mean GOOD! Energy already much better. Can reach things we haven’t been able to reach for a decade (toes, bra fastening.) Waistline is slimmer?

WEEK 4 - We begin to look forward to class. Body craves the fluidity and power. Feeling how we used to feel when we were younger. We are in fact younger! And we have a healthy glow.

And this is where the 2 weeks free yoga comes in. You will want to keep going!

WHEN: Start any day between the 20 - 27th April.

HOW: You need to complete at least 30 classes over a period of no more than 30 consecutive days. GOOD NEWS - You can take 2 days off but you need to make the 2 classes up by doing a double on 2 other days.

There has never been a better time to get stronger. Let’s do this
together. We can come together as a community, cheer each other on, and
celebrate getting fitter, healthier and happier.

Email [email protected] with your name and date of your first class so we can add you to the list, celebrate with you at the party and award your 2 weeks free prize!