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A smart, safe yoga class for the stiff, old, broken or new

This class is a powerful tool in both physical stability and re-alignment as well as a support for injury rehabilitation. A foundational class for technique. Work on muscle strengthening and stabilisation as well as alignment, with personalised modifications provided to anyone with an injury or issue. Don’t be fooled by its name, you will feel challenged and worked whoever you are in a welcoming no judgement atmosphere.

Feeling Stiff? Old? Or Broken? (Or simply Sluggish, Off-colour and a bit Beaten?) Our yoga-physio class for the new, injured, stiff or unfit is a powerful tool that delivers muscle strengthening and stabilisation and will provide modifications to anyone with an injury or issue. The class has a cult following by fit and unfit alike for its focus on correct alignment in the key poses of the FG system, alongside exercises to strengthen core, lower back, hamstrings and sacrum areas. Safe, effective, scientifically-proven physiotherapy and yoga exercises bring stabilization to overly loose, weak or vulnerable areas, as well as flexibility to tight areas.

Find the S.O.B. class in studio, on FGTV Live, or FGTV On Demand.


  • Core, upper body and leg strength
  • Corrects alignment in foundation poses
  • A great introduction to yoga
  • Learn to work safely with your injury, problem area or body type
  • Focus on technique for foundation poses
  • Prevent aggravation of injuries and start the healing process
  • Get strong and stabilise your weak problem areas
  • Get fitter and stronger safely
  • Restructure, realign, strengthen