If you're still not sure how to access our FGTV Livestreamed or On Demand digital classes, how exactly they work, or what to expect, we've put together answers to some of your most frequently asked questions below to help you on your way to practising FG wherever and whenever you want.

What is FGTV?

FGTV is the name for our digital Livestreamed classes and On Demand classes.

At the moment you need separate accounts for each, but we’re working on a solution to streamline this for FGers in 2021.

Our Livestreamed classes are taught live by an FG teacher and booked via a MindBodyOnline schedule currently separate from our website which you can find here. You can also sign up and book via the MBO app. Find us by searching Fierce Grace TV from the app.

Our On Demand classes can be found on our sister site fiercegraceondemand.com

Our FGTV page gives you more information about both arms of FGTV, prices and membership options.

I already have an account at a studio, do I need a new account for FGTV?

Yes, the Livestreaming and On Demand platforms are both different from each other as well as the studio platforms. For example, if you would like to practice using all three, you will need three separate accounts.

How and where do I sign up?

FGTV On Demand

Sign up on our sister site fiercegraceondemand.com

FGTV Livesteaming

Sign up on the FGTV MBO Livestreaming site

How much does it cost?

The most up to date prices and membership options can always be found on our FGTV page, rather than our Studio Prices and membership page.

I already have an account at a studio, do I need a new account for FGTV?

Yes, the live streaming and On Demand platforms are both different from each other as well as the studio platforms. For example, if you would like to practice using all three, you will need three separate accounts.

I have a studio membership - can I get a discount on FGTV?

If you keep your membership going at the normal rate during Lockdown you are also entitled to free Livestreaming classes. Please contact your studio directly to arrange if you have not already done so.

We also offer a discount on Livestreaming classes for Studio autopay members of 40%. To obtain your discount contact [email protected]

Do you offer any discounts if I sign up for both Monthly FGTV On Demand and Livestreaming memberships?

We are currently running a Joint Membership offer where you can save 15 per month when you sign up to both. For more information on how to do so please click here.

Can I have a joint membership with my studio account and a FGTV account?

No, joint memberships are only available for the two online platforms.

I need to cancel my membership, do I need to email?

No, you can cancel your membership at any time.

For FGTV On Demand

Can I try classes before buying anything?

Livestreaming - you can try your first Livestreaming class for free. Click the BUY NOW button under this option on the FGTV page.

On Demand - We offer a three day free trial when you sign up with On Demand (make sure you cancel before the end of the three days or you will be charged for the month).

How do I find the Livestreaming schedule?

Visit our MindBodyOnline site and select the Online Classes tab. We also post the schedule every week on our Instagram.

Where can I find the autopay option for FGTV live streaming?

Click the BUY NOW button on our FGTV page, or you can also find it under the Contacts options in the Online Store tab of the FGTV Live MindBodyOnline site.

I haven’t received a link for my livestreaming class, what do I do?

All links are sent out automatically around 30 minutes before the class is set to start, so make sure you wait for that time frame. You also want to make sure you are signed up to the correct class on the correct day. You will receive a confirmation email as well as an email with the link to the class. If you still don’t have a link by 15 minutes before the class start, please email [email protected] and the host will send you the link.

Can the teacher see me during a livestreaming class?

You can choose to have your camera on or off. If you turn on your camera your teacher will be able to watch and offer adjustments or modifications but there is no obligation.

What classes are on your On Demand site?

We know lots of On Demand video libraries can be overwhelming. So, we’ve designed our Content Library to be as user friendly and easy to navigate as possible, and upload at least two new classes a week.

The Full Length Collection

Full length versions of all FG classes in all their unadulterated glory, including six filmed pre lockdown at our Primrose Hill studio for that class setting fix. You’ll find all classes from the FG system (excluding Beast which is coming soon) are on our FGTV On Demand site.

The 20-30 Minute Collection

Lunchbreak friendly condensed versions of all FG classes, taught by Michele Pernetta and other Senior FG Teachers, demonstrated by FG teachers.

FG Fitness

Classes that blend FG yoga with bootcamp, pilates and HIIT style training to keep your body and mind in peak condition including Fierce Abs, Arms, Legs, a short version of our new FiiT class and The Rush.

Specialist Classes and Tutorials

A section for classes focusing on a particular area or need such as our cult favourite Partner Stretching class, outside of the FG Method


Including pose breakdowns, breathwork and more, to supercharge your practice.

Recorded Livestream classes

Recordings of ome of our best Livesteamed FG classes.

I’m pregnant - can I still practise FGTV classes?

I have an injury - can I still practise FGTV classes?

Please share any injury or necessary info with the teacher using the chat function prior to class. (Never work into any pain, stay within your limits)

I have another question - who do I contact?

For any other questions please contact:

FGTV On Demand - [email protected]

FGTV Livestreaming - [email protected]