IN - The Latest Class in The Fierce Grace System

20th Oct 2017

Fierce Grace is delighted to announce that IN, a new class, will be introduced to our London studios in January 2018.

IN (75 mins)

A deep, slow class, based entirely on the floor.

This class is yoga physiotherapy, deeply correcting, aligning and releasing.

You will open your hips, spine, neck, shoulders and wrists carefully, deeply and softly. You will get flexible in slow holds, stronger in stationary core activators, passively and actively open tight areas with the help of props. You will go from active poses to gradually getting wound down, de-stressed and softened. We end with a long Yoga Nidra and guided meditation.

Retreat INward to re-connect, relax and restore your power and truth. Yin on steroids - IN.

Should I consider IN?

IN is for everyone because it provides the individual with the time needed to affect deep changes, to slow down, and to work the body more deeply.

It offers benefits to those who are stiff, or those suffering from joint problems, such as runners and athletes with tight hamstrings and psoas, shoulders or wrists. Dedicated yogis will also reap the rewards of this class as it addresses specific issues to improve their practise. It’s also ideal for pregnant women as it’s both deeply relaxing and opening, with ambient heat offering further support throughout the class.

IN can help those who want to target upper back rounding, tight hips and shoulders. It is also for students interested in developing their connection with themselves, their breath, their inner self; those interested in meditative practise, meditation and more inward aspect of Yoga. The deeply relaxing state that IN promotes makes it perfect for those who are feeling exhausted as it offers time to de-stress and escape the pressures of the outside world.

Benefit summary:

IN is a class which will;

  • Strengthen upper back arms, wrists and shoulders
  • Tone and strengthen abdominals
  • Increase wrist and shoulder flexibility, working deeply into the joints, ligaments and tendons.
  • Create traction of neck vertebrae and stretch tight neck and trapezius muscles
  • Open upper back, chest and ribcage
  • Improve posture
  • Improve hip flexibility
  • Stretch hamstrings and glutes
  • Calm the mind and nervous system and release stress
  • Connect us with our breath, sensitivity, and self-awareness
  • Bring us to a deep state of relaxation

When is it available?

The new Fierce Grace schedule will launch on 8 January 2018.

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