Harness the Power of 'The Fix'

05th Feb 2014

Harness the power of our new class 'The Fix' great for those busy bodies who still need their FG fix.

We know that life gets busy; some weeks you can feel like your life commitments trump your commitment to your yoga practice as you simply don’t have enough minutes in the day to get to class, and by the end of the week you are stressed, stiff and feeling unfit. With that in mind – and knowing exactly how you feel, this month we have been introducing our long-awaited "The Fix” class into our studio schedules.

The Fix is a 50-minute class, designed to fit in with your busy schedule, recharge you, keep you fit, energised and de-stress you. This is a totally effective, no-frills yoga class created expressly (sorry!) to give your body what it needs without adding another level of stress as you try and squeeze the rest of your day around a 90-minute class. You can still get your yoga fix when you are busy.

Why bother? Because it’s better to water a plant sometimes than never. Getting a quick fix of feel-good hormone-boosting, sweat-inducing exercise changes your whole outlook. You can achieve a lot in a short time with this action-packed class. You will feel better, you will forget about everything else for 50 minutes and come back to your life enlivened with fresh inspiration and energy. You will bring your heart rate up (and ultimately down), your shoulders will un-hunch, your back will straighten, your lungs will fill, your frown lines will ease, you will take long deep breaths, your body will thank you and you will thank yourself for taking that time out to connect with the real you, that physical, powerful, energised, happy animal you that doesn’t want to be hunched over a computer thinking all day. Get Fix’ed.

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