Hot and Sculpted with Peter Mac

26th Jun 2016

Every Sunday at Fierce Grace Primrose Hill join personal trainer, yoga champ and Fierce Grace student Peter Mac for his legendary Hot Bum and Stomach Sculpting (HBSS) class.

This 30-minute class is a abs and glutes blast designed to tone and shape your back, sides and stomach. The class is taught in a friendly and supportive environment. The class is a great conditioning session for your core which is essential to helping you master those challenging Fierce Grace poses. The class will take place in a heated studio.

Why is it called PM HBSS?

  • Peter Mac's
  • Hot - because it's in a warm room
  • Bum - working on the bum and gluteus
  • Stomach - working on the abs, tummy and midriff
  • Sculpting - because all we focus on is these areas.
  • When: 13:30 – 14:00 every Sunday following the 11:30 Fierce Grace class
  • Cost: Included in membership or £10 per person (FG packages are not included)
  • Where: Fierce Grace Primrose Hill