FG Halloween Experience - Deep Core with Live Sound Bath at Primrose Hill

We invite you to delve into your dark side at our special FG Halloween ritual experience.


31st October 2021




Fierce Grace Primrose Hill
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Open the door to your senses with this shamanic style class - a super slow and moody Deep Core taught by Claire Rabbitt with a live sonic gong and bowl landscape with sound shaman Steve Carter.

Immerse yourself in the Samhain smells of mind clearing white sage, courtesy of Scent Space. Relax, stretch, inhale aroma, and get transported to magical places in the warmth of a dark studio. Expect to go deep as we use all our senses to get present and connected (and expect to take home your own complimentary incense too).

Expect to take home your own complimentary incense from scent space, and enjoy free treats from Humble Warrior drinks and Raw Bake Station.

Pagan/Witchy/Shamanic attire not mandatory but strongly encouraged.

Book with your normal class card or membership (booking strongly encouraged to avoid disappointment.)

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