FG Graduate Training




Course Teacher: Michele Pernetta & Leo Sharma

Course Location: HotHouse North 

Course Cost: £495

Course Requirement: Certified Teachers from all backgrounds 


3-5th August - Part 1

10-11th August - Part 2

This 40-hour Yoga Alliance accredited course, which takes place in August 2018, is for teachers from all yoga backgrounds eager to increase their knowledge and understanding of how to work with injured students and provide alternatives and modifications for safety and rehabilitation.

As a studio owner, you will know how important it is for your teachers to be educated, confident and compassionate when dealing with your students and their injuries. We have been teaching injury modifications to our teachers for 17 years, and in the four years we have been Fierce Grace studios we have been gradually increasing our team of experts, our syllabus and our Teacher Training programmes. I have always been passionate about teaching injured students, having avoided double knee surgery through yoga myself.

Most injury trainings are geared to the one-on-one private class setting, but today’s busy yoga studios are attracting more and more people with injures, and teachers need to have the tools and confidence to support those students effectively.

Universal Principles

We are proud to announce that we have developed one of the first in-depth certifications - based on scientifically proven findings - for certified yoga teachers to increase their knowledge of how teach tried and tested exercises to help the students with lower back, disc, sacroiliac, hamstring, psoas and knee problems, as well as how to modify yoga poses for injury in a class setting.

On this 40-hour course, you will understand and practice how to:

·       Work with common injuries including slipped disc, sacroiliac problems, hamstring injuries, psoas and hip issues and the three main types of knee injury

·       Use the latest sports medicine research on rehabilitation for specific injuries and conditions translated back into yoga postures

·       How to suggest modifications for the above as well as unspecified pain with no apparent “cause”, arthritis and generalised joint pain

·       Modifications for over 40 yoga asanas that span all yoga systems and principles for modifying all poses

·       Learn which common asana alignment errors can cause injury or wear and tear

·       Teach less widely known practices that are helpful for injured students, including yoga nidra, pranayama and meditation

·       Work with older students and athletes with injuries

·       Approach students dealing with grief or trauma.

You may also be interested in discovering our Teacher Training programme for your students. With 23 years teaching and 17 years running busy studios, myself and the team at Fierce Grace understand the needs of today’s studio owners, students and teachers, and we have developed a successful 250-hour programme that has been chosen by Yoga Alliance as Centre of Excellence.

Being studio owners ourselves, we understand the challenges of running a successful yoga studio. Our aim is to create a support network for teachers and to nurture the highest standards of teaching excellence.

We are certain that your yoga teachers would benefit from this thorough, meticulous and valuable course, which is specifically created to complement both the instructor and student. As such, we are delighted to offer you, or one of your senior teachers, the opportunity to attend the course for free if three or more of your instructors sign up to attend. The course takes place at our HotHouse studio on 3-5th August, and 10-11th August, and costs £495 per person. There is an additional day on the 12th for Fierce Grace Certified teachers to learn our injury class sequence that now includes exercises to specifically address the most common injuries. Cost £95.

SOB (Stiff, Old, or Broken) - Graduates of Injury Modification 

Course Teacher: Michele Pernetta 

Course Location: HotHouse North

Course Cost: £95
Course Requirement: Graduate of Injury Modification Certification + 2 years Fierce Grace teaching experience 


12th August 2018

Our graduates from the Injury Modification certification will be able to further develop their knowledge on this one day course. 

Please email [email protected] to book your place and to arrange payment of course fees.

All courses count towards your Yoga Alliance CPD. Yoga Alliance Associate Teachers are required to do at least 8 hours of CPD (Continuing professional development) a year.