FG Graduate Training

Completing a 200/250 hour Teacher Training course is the first step in our development, exploration, understanding and passion for yoga. As a yoga teacher training graduate who has begun their teaching journey, found their feet and started to enjoy the remarkable career path they have chosen, it is not uncommon to feel that one needs to keep developing, learning more in depth ways to connect and assist ones students. As a teacher we should always be striving to learn, empower ourselves and others and improve our skills in both technical application of corrections and assists, as well as learning more advanced instruction such as more in depth knowledge in working with injuries.


Studying a completely different practise in a different style while beneficial, can also leave the teacher unable to connect the different disciplines, or incorporate them in a unified way. As leaders in the yoga field in the UK having introduced the hot yoga practise to the UK in 1994, Michele and her Senior team, who have been supporting teachers across 4 successful london studios, as well as supported other international FG locations, teachers and studio owners, are passionate about supporting teachers in this increasingly demanding industry.

Our additional training programmes support our Fierce Grace Graduates, as well as offering courses for graduates from all other yoga styles.

FG 250 HR GRADUATES can learn different types of classes and enhanced skills to deepen their understanding of breath, asana, injury modifications, arm balancing, inversions, advanced practises as well as Yin, Rehabilitation, Nidra and Yogic Strength Development on FG Graduate Training Courses.

ALL GRADUATE TEACHERS - we offer our Injury Modification Course, for the latest scientific research on rehabilitation and modification for various common injuries, and our Teaching in the Hot Room course, to assist studio owners or graduates from non-“hot yoga” styles to sequence for the hot room, to deal with issues that can arise in the heat, contraindications, as well as how to set up a healthy and pleasant studio with advice on equipment and system set up.


S.O.B. (Stiff, Old or Broken)

Course Teacher: Michele Pernetta
Course Location: Fierce Grace North
Course date: Monday 21st October 2019 12.15 - 5.15 pm
Course Cost: £95
Course Requirement: 3 years of regular teaching plus completion of the FG Injury Modification course
Booking info: To book your place please email [email protected]

Injury modification and rehabilitation class Stiff, Old or Broken incorporates rehabilitation and modification wisdom into a user-friendly and easily accessible class for injured students. The class provides a safe framework that allows you to work with all injuries safely, with confidence and through a class that still challenges even an injured athlete while being safe enough for a novice or unfit person. It favours stabilizations and strengthening, while teaching correct alignment and leaves space for questions and tailored adjustments.


Course Teacher: Michele Pernetta
Course Location: Fierce Grace North
Course Cost: £150
Course Requirement: 3 Year of regular teaching since graduation
Course dates: Next course dates tba

This 1 day course will teach you how to move your students into FG2, an evolution of the popular Fierce Grace class, giving an alchemical mix of structure and freedom.

It normally takes a yoga teacher around ten years or more to be able to alter a class each week, while adhering to classical sequencing and safety protocols. Michele is developing a framework for teachers in FG2 to have the enviable skill of being able to vary classes within the first few years of teaching. This class brings the teacher the capacity to bring variety to students and understand a set of interchangeable sequences. 

Learn the development of the FG asanas while you learn how to move intermediate students into more advanced expressions.

Learn how to move away from a set routine into freedom of expression and unpredicatability. Recognise who could move further and who should pull back and how to approach this with a sense of exploration.

Increase your knowledge of the entry stages of more advanced postures.

Learn new abdominal and upper body strengthening you will learn how to multi task in a more advanced way as a teacher modifying upwards and downwards for students in your class. 

This class develops your fluidity and freedom as a teacher while bringing the same freedom and expression to your students. Prerequisite for the Advanced Beast training. Key Benefits: Discover more advanced versions of poses you know. Learn how to move all levels into a more advanced practise safely for their level and body type.

PRIMAL 60/75 

Course Teacher: Michele Pernetta
Course Location: Fierce Grace North
Course Cost: £150
Course Requirement: 2 Years regular teaching since graduation
Dates: Next course dates tba

Primal is a foundation class working on core, upper body, leg and hip strength and stabilisation. It is the evolution of Classic. It has a more developed flowing warrior series which will allow you to bring both fluidity and expression to your students. Intermediate students can develop into deeper expression while you expertly bring modifications for new students. Primal presents in both 60 and 75 minute versions, allowing you to alter it for a variety of time slots, and it incorporates bikram poses, with ashtanga’s more flowing energy. It focuses on strength and includes gruelling arm and abdominal sequences for powerful strength development and muscle stabilising to provide a safe foundation for anyones practise.

Class Keys: An evolution of the Classic Class. Safe for newcomers whilst moving the avid FG-o-phile into new areas. The key foundation poses coupled with a breath-led Warrior sequence, new poses, and groan inducing core and arm strengthening. The simplicity of the class is balanced by its power. A great foundation class. Suitable for newcomers and experienced alike. Key Benefits: Skeletal alignment, strength, fluidity and stamina while freeing the breath, body, mind and soul.


Course Teacher: Michele Pernetta & Karen Bellfield
Course Location: Fierce Grace North
Course Cost: £95
Course Requirement: 6 months regular teaching since graduation

Dates: Next course dates tba

Blend Classic, Primal and Fierce Grace together in a 50 minute or 60 minute version of the class. You will discover the power of energy projection and how to balance technique with a faster paced class. Learn the keys of how to motivate without sounding stressed, to increase pace and timing without feeling rushed  how to pace your town voice and timing to bring a great workout in a one hour experience. The Fix has popular variations and new poses to refresh people’s experience, and is the perfect all round maintenance class for a variety of levels, body types and ages. This half day course will teach you how to energise, inspire and motivate.  


Course Teacher: Michele Pernetta & Emma Croft
Course Location: Fierce Grace North
Course Cost: £325
Course Requirement: 1 year regular teaching since graduation

Dates: Next course dates tba

2 day intensive.

Deep Core is one of FG premier classes and teaches the awareness and sensitivity all practitioners need in order to practise all classes safely. You will learn how to guide your student's awareness deeper within and teach them ego-less practise. You will gain toold for taking people deeper both physically and mentally.

Discover the “True Core” of the body and how it relates to almost every asana. Discover how to assist your students to make deep lasting changes by affecting their pelvis and lower back safely.

Poses are stripped back to their simpler forms in order to assist the students understanding of their own alignment and problem areas.

Learn to teach deep hip-openers, safe deep releases, core yoga alignment, Yin poses, as well as breath and relaxation to all levels and body types. This class is the core of a yoga practise - it teaches sensitivity, awareness and alignment as a foundation for every type of class and a lifetime of safe practise.



Course Teacher: Michele Pernetta
Course Location: Fierce Grace Primrose Hill & North
Course Cost: £325
Course Requirement: 2 year regular teaching since graduation and core, yin, yoga Nidra or SOB course

Dates: Next course dates tba

This course runs over 2 days. IN is one of the first yoga classes that bridges Yin and Physiotherapy. It is a magical mix of effective joint and muscle openers and stabilisers, with relaxing stretches and slow holds.

Learn to teach this popular deep, slow, yoga-physiotherapy class, based entirely on the floor. You will teach your students how to open their hips, spine, neck, shoulders and wrists carefully, deeply and softly. Slow holds, stationary core activators, passively and actively open tight areas.

Lear more effective use of props. Understand physiotherapy poses and how they work. Learn how to modify for very stiff people looking to open their bodies. Practise how to bring Yoga Nidra and guided meditation to your class and how to develop your voice to relax your students. Learn to connect with your own inner softness, how to slow down, and use silence while still encouraging people to go very deeply inwards.


Course Teacher: Michele Pernetta & Tuuli Shipster
Course Location: Fierce Grace North
Course Cost: £150
Course Requirement: 1 year regular teaching since graduation

Dates: Next course dates tba

WILD shines a light on often neglected areas such as stamina and strength, specifically lower abdominals, hip flexors, triceps, pecs, lats, calves and glutes. This 60-minute strength enhancing yoga class bridges the gap between conventional strengthening and yoga.

Yoga has a reputation for being about stretching, but we need to balance flexibility with strength if we are to stay healthy and support our joints.

Wild addresses a common imbalance in yoga practitioners and targets muscle and therefore joint stability. Learn how to teach effective core strengtheners, upper body and arm strengthening poses, and condition the psoas, glutes and spine.

Learn the benefits and practises of Kundalini yoga, aspects of Ballet conditioning, resistance stretching, how HIIT increases stamina, and the incredible power of Super Slow strength training.

Wild is an all round stabilization and strength class, which does not wear out the joints as many practises with cardio vascular benefits do.

Learn how to modify for both very strong and very weak students. Learn how to bring a sense of fun and enthusiasm to your teaching.

Learn how kundalini pranayama benefits the nervous system as well as how inspire students to get fitter, stronger and freer then they ever imagined possible

Class Benefits:



Course Teacher: Hortense Sulleyman
Course Location: Fierce Grace North
Course Cost: £150
Course Requirement: 1 year of regular teaching since graduation and can perform initial stages of poses with a good upper body strength

Dates: Next course dates tba

This half day course will teach you how to turn your students world upside down. You will learn the entry sequences into arm balancing poses and how to take your students safely into this sometimes quite scary territory. Learn the secrets to user friendly “glamour poses" such as Crow, Crane, Flying Pigeon, Crazy 8 and more. Learn to teach the correct use of the shoulders, upper back, elbows wrists and core. The poses are woven together with the Fierce Grace principles of flow, intensity and rest, and you will practise how to move your students through both challenging and restful sequences. You will learn the building blocks that allow you to vary your class each week and how to support both experienced and total beginners alike to change their perspective and use their body in a totally new way.



Course Teacher: Michele Pernetta
Course Location: Fierce Grace North
Course Cost: £30 (FOC to our staff teachers)
Course Requirement: 6 months regular teaching since graduation

Dates: Next course dates tba

Refresh your knowledge of the signature Fierce Grace Class, while increasing your capacity to bring flowing expressive feeling to your class via voice, music, and pacing. Learn the new transition into cartwheel and its modifications, more injury modifications work and practice how to teach this one hour class with less words but more motivation.

We will review teaching protocols, the FG Method, and Q and A on general teaching points, as well as refresh all FG pose instructions.

This Teacher Training counts for all FG Graduates as their 2 year refresher course, thus renewing their 2 year contract. 

Please email [email protected] to book your place and to arrange payment of course fees. If you are doing more than one training, you may be eligible for a discount.