Fierce Grace launches two new classes this October - Fierce Mums, a pre & postnatal pregnancy class and The Force, a kids yoga class for 8-12 year olds.

Fierce Mum

Our exciting new 60 minute pregnancy class has been created by Fierce Grace senior teachers in conjunction with pre & postnatal yoga specialist Donna Noble Msc. The class is taught within a relaxed environment, with good humour in abundance. Fierce Mum has been designed with all abilities in mind, so the newcomer can keep it relaxed and simple, or the more advanced can take the poses further. Each class ends with a deep relaxation allowing you quiet time to feel content and rejuvenated and connect with your growing baby.

Fierce Mum has been designed to include:

• Breathing techniques to relax body and mind and relieve pain during labour
• Posture and pelvic awareness and control
• Poses to encourage harmony, trust and self confidence, easing fear, anxiety and stress
• Pre-natal bonding with your baby through breath and movement

Saturdays 2.45pm at Fierce Grace Primrose Hill. Class is taught in a gently-warm studio. Post-natal students must leave six weeks after birth before attending, consult your doctor before class if you experienced complications in labour. Fierce Mum is available as part of your standard membership, or as a £13 Drop-In.

The Force

Designed as a 45 minute activity-based class for 8-12 year olds, The Force has been developed by Fierce Grace senior teachers alongside Early Years Yoga specialist Joe Perryman. Tailored each week to the abilities of the group and to maximise its benefits, the class is intended to maintain the traditions of a Fierce Grace practice, including spinal bends, twists and balance poses, as well as cross-brain activities with added child-friendly meditations, group games and breathing exercises.

The Force will help children will develop:

• The ability to channel their energy through Yoga as well as focus on their breath 

• Concentration and attention span

• Motor skills and spatial awareness, improving self-awareness and social interaction

Friday's 4pm at Fierce Grace Primrose Hill. Class is taught in a gently-warm studio. The Force is available for £8 per class or £32 for a package of 5, spaces are strictly limited to 15. Book online to avoid dissapointment.