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A dynamic, restructuring foundation class.
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At last a foundation class that isn’t too easy. Develop correct technique while strengthening safely. Suitable for newcomers who want to learn alignment as well as experienced practitioners who value a regular physical reset. This yoga/physiotherapy class draws on elements from all the FG classes. Learn the 12 key poses in the FG method.

Scientifically proven physiotherapy exercises and yoga poses strengthen knees, lower back, core, hamstrings, hips and shoulders in a dynamic, enjoyable class. The class delivers retraining of muscle groups and strengthening of unstable areas of the body. Receive personalised suggestions form our Senior teachers.

The class offers the 12 core poses that run through the FG system ensuring a seamless transition to the rest of the FG classes.

  • Learn the key poses from the FG Method
  • Release tight psoas, spine, shoulders and hips
  • Strengthen the key muscles for joint alignment and stability
  • Gain alignment insights
  • Receive personalized instruction and modifications
  • Learn how to work safely and effectively
  • Utilize proven physiotherapy and yoga exercises to support weak areas
  • Build a strong foundation in your body and in your yoga practice.

Find the Foundation class in studio, on FGTV Live, or FGTV On Demand.


  • Corrects alignment in foundation poses
  • Develops sensitivity, the foundation of a safe yoga practise
  • Spine traction and stabilisation
  • Learn how to work safely with injuries or problem areas
  • A great introduction to yoga
  • Get fitter and stronger safely
  • Restructure, realign, strengthen