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Available in person and online
Next course starts Friday October 29th 2021

with Fierce Grace Founder Michele Pernetta and one of the UK’s most senior teaching teams

Start your journey to become a transformational yoga teacher.

Join one of the world’s fastest growing yoga movements, Fierce Grace. Our aim is to open yoga to a wider audience, through our teachers’ technical excellence, their ability to work with all body types, and through our acclaimed new, multi-level, mixed style yoga method.

We offer Yoga Alliance Accredited teacher trainings in London, New York, Tuscany and online. You will learn from Michele Pernetta, Fierce Grace founder and one of the UK’s most experienced and revolutionary teachers. Drawing on our decades of experience running yoga studios and supporting teachers, our course will equip you with unparalleled practical skills, technical knowledge and a deep understanding of alignment.

We have certified hundreds of teachers who are blazing trails around the world, bringing health, humour and vitality to their own students.

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"We are looking for motivated, passionate people who are willing to do what it takes to become inspirational teachers. Humble, hardworking, brave and genuine people who will push their boundaries so they can help others move past theirs."

Michele Pernetta, Fierce Grace founder and Course Leader

Course Overview

Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK & USA
Seal of approval
  • Learn to teach two inspiring general level mixed-style classes, a 60 and a 90 min class from the acclaimed Fierce Grace system
  • Understand how to teach over 65 key poses that cross all major yoga styles
  • Learn teaching methodology from our tutors who have decades of teaching experience across a multitude of styles
  • Learn tools for giving effective corrections, perform safe hands-on adjustments and how to work with different body types including beginners, the unfit, injured or advanced student
  • Learn to modify for a range of injuries from Injury Modification specialist, Michele Pernetta
  • Improve your voice and delivery skills in our acclaimed video feedback sessions working with an award-winning film director and delivery coach

Why learn with
Fierce Grace?

With studios around the world who have welcomed nearly a million students to their mats, an industry acclaimed new and far reaching yoga system, and some of the best instructors in Europe, no one is better equipped to understand the needs of new teachers and support them in becoming transformational, technically excellent and compassionate yoga instructors.

Yoga Leaders in the UK and Europe

We introduced Hot Yoga (Bikram) to the UK in 1994. After the success of our four yoga studios, and years of Michele's observing and teaching over 250,000 students, we launched the new yoga method Fierce Grace in 2013 to industry acclaim. We now have Fierce Grace studios in locations around the world including London, Rome, New York, and Queenstown. Studios opening in Australia and expansion in the US are in the pipeline. We have classes in the esteemed David Lloyd centres, Dublin and dotted around the planet.

Expert Senior Teachers

Together our core teaching team has over 75 years of yoga teaching experience. Michele Pernetta, is one of the UK's most influential teachers having launched hot yoga in the UK, and having trained and supported over 500 teachers. She then launched FG in 2013 after nearly a decade of research. Emma Croft and Karen Bellfield (SYT YA UK) have between them trained in multiple yoga styles over the last 15 years including Fierce Grace, Baptiste Power Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Bikram and Rocket. Mark Oram is a SYT YA UK and USA and has been teaching for 15 years. He is trained in FG, Bikram, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket and is a former yoga champion.

A Cutting-Edge System

Beautiful sequences for a beautiful body and mind

Fierce Grace is a revolutionary new yoga style that draws from Ashtanga, Power, classical Hatha yoga, Iyengar and Bikram yoga, and is sequenced in ways that adhere to ancient yogic principles as well as the latest cutting-edge fitness research. Interval Training, strength training and Super-Slow® wisdom have been integrated into the classes for optimum results. Twelve foundation poses are woven throughout the system in various forms like a skeleton to ensure progression and safety. The other 250 poses create variety of movement, awaken dormant muscle, address postural issues and keep us surprised and interested.

Each of the classes has a focus and emphasis. The system allows us to mix and match the classes to our mood and goals, helping us develop mentally and physically by allowing all aspects of ourselves room for expression. Performing all the classes regularly can bring about spectacular results both within and without. The classes you will learn on this course (Fierce Grace and The Fix) are multi-level and multi-style and are suitable for everyone.

Continued Growth & Development

If you wish to keep developing your skills after you have been teaching for a while, you do not need to search for other long courses, invest huge sums or jump into a different style of yoga that may not be compatible. Our Graduate Courses offer the opportunity to increase your technical knowledge, learn new skills and expand your class offering, while staying within a unified tried and tested system

We understand the needs of teachers, so we created a graduate training programme that allows our Level 1 graduates to continuously grow, learn new classes and add to their repertoire without having to re-train all over again. Learn our other popular classes which address your students different needs. We teach enhanced skills to deepen your understanding of injury modifications, deep hip opening, hands on adjusting, arm balancing, inversions, advanced asana, yin, injury rehabilitation, nidra and yoga strength development by learning our other unique classes in our FG Graduate Courses.

Career Opportunities

Fierce Grace is one of the worlds fastest growing yoga styles. In the last five years we have grown from four studios in London to ten around the world, with classes offered in partner studios. We have opportunities for teachers in the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, UK, and further afield. FG offers enviable work prospects to graduate teachers, where many yoga teachers might find themselves swimming in an overpopulated sea.

We also have a successful Licence model, whereby we support you opening your own Fierce Grace studio. Our over 20 years running studios has given us the tools to help you start and run your studio and our expert team is there to support your business and ensure it’s success. Being part of a successful brand is a great advantage in the competitive fitness industry today.

Meet the Training Team

Our Training Team includes some of the world's most experienced Yoga teachers

Each of our tutors have over 15-20 years' yoga teaching experience. The training team is led by Fierce Grace founder Michele Pernetta, Mark Oram, Emma Croft and Karen Bellfield.

Our course tutors are certified in Ashtanga, Bikram, Dharma Mittra, Vinyasa, Yoga Therapy, Injury Modification, Iyengar and Rocket Yoga. Our lecturers are at the top of their fields in Indian & yoga philosophy, anatomy, physiotherapy, voice coaching, and presentation skills. This wide approach will bring you a deeper understanding, not only of the Fierce Grace system, but also a deeper understanding and appreciation of many yoga systems. We believe a great yoga teacher should understand many styles of yoga and be able to draw on a wide knowledge base to create the best possible experience for their students. Our aim is to bring a supportive, kind and humorous atmosphere to the course while bringing you the wisdom and experience of teachers at the forefront of their fields.

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About Michele Pernetta

Known for her humorous approach, love of working with injuries and no-nonsense, relaxed style, Michele's extensive experience and qualifications in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Rocket, Bikram, Power Yoga and Martial Arts, as well as her decades of study in health and meditation, culminated in the launch of Fierce Grace in 2013.

Michele is a Yoga Alliance Accredited Senior Yoga Teacher, a Certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher, Bikram Senior teacher and a Black Belt Martial Artist who has taught over 250,000 students in her 25-year career.

She introduced hot yoga to Europe in 1994 by opening the first hot yoga studio in London and has personally mentored a considerable number of the UK’s finest teachers.

Read Michele's full biography

Fierce Grace Scholarship Programme Autumn 2021
Applications now open

As part of our ongoing commitment towards anti-racism, and a desire to widen our community of teachers from diverse backgrounds, our Teacher Training scholarship programme was born. We offer two free spaces to our Online Teacher Training course, worth £2,900 each, to talented applicants from Black, Asian or any other minority ethnic group who would otherwise be unable to afford to attend a Teacher Training Programme. We are now opening the scholarship to people from any background who feel they have been disadvantaged.

Head office staff, senior tutors or Michele do not have any influence on the final winners. Our panel of independent judges will make the selection based on a number of factors including background, disadvantages, talent, dedication to yoga, level of practice and the ability to overcome adversity.

If you are a talented, dedicated individual who has practised Fierce Grace Yoga for three years, and unable to attend our Teacher Training because of your financial situation, please email [email protected] for an application pack. The deadline for all applications is midnight on Tuesday 31st August 2021.

Find out more about our Spring 2021 winners here

Yoga Teacher Training graduates


"Fierce Grace Teacher Training was an incredible experience. Challenging but brilliant. I felt completely supported by the tutors and by my fellow trainees. I’m still slightly overwhelmed by how much I learnt in the time. Fierce Grace training manages to cover pretty much all bases of teaching so you leave feeling confident in your knowledge and ability. Also knowing that you have joined something very special. I'm so grateful for the opportunity."
- Natasha Cottriall, Spring 2021 Scholarship Winner

"The Fierce Grace yoga teacher training was a life changing experience. There is something special about Fierce Grace yoga, from the sequences you’re taught to deliver, to the excellent training you’re given during the course, if you are thinking about doing the course, do it! It's a wonderful network to be a part of and a privilege."
- Camilla Garner

"To embark on the FG teacher training through the BAME scholarship was such an amazing opportunity for me, Michele and the FG family are the best. Without their LOVE & support it would never of happened. The structure of the course was super demanding but also immensely rewarding, my practice is grateful. I have learnt so much and feel that I’ve stepped up another level. The philosophy and ethos of FG is to be applauded. And not only do I believe it to be a truly great form of practice but the belief in our universal diversity is completely real."
- Michael Yee-Chong, Spring 2021 Scholarship Winner

"The Teacher Training course was phenomenal. It prepares you for life as a yoga teacher in ways that I don’t think other courses do. You feel comfortable eventually standing in front of a room to teach a class because you know that you’ve got the tools to deal with anything.”
- Tuuli Shipster

"The FG TT is a brilliant, brilliant training course. You will be empowered on how to keep a student and practitioner safe, and you learn so much more about yourself. Experienced senior teachers guiding you between 100 years of experience (not saying anyone is 100!) who will show you whats what. If you're taking it, good luck and you won't be disappointed."
- Carl Cover, Spring 2021 Scholarship Winner

Fierce Grace
opens doors

Unparalleled teaching opportunities The Fierce Grace Teacher Training certification will allow you to teach using our Fierce Grace® Certified Teacher and the Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher titles after your name, opening a whole host of career prospects:

  • As the fastest growing yoga style we have a growing need for teachers in our expanding Fierce Grace studio network with job opportunities arising monthly
  • We provide unparalleled growth and development opportunities through our Fierce Grace Graduate Training courses which quickly allow you to expand your teaching knowledge and class repertoire
  • Our Yoga Alliance Professionals UK & USA certification is recognised in gyms and health clubs as well as yoga studios
  • You will be able to confidently teach two inspiring general level mixed-style classes from the Fierce Grace system
  • You will be equipped to design your own mixed style classes and teach in non-hot or hot environments
  • We have collaborations with other hot yoga studios who will recognize your FGYA certification
  • We have a Licence model for you to open your own Fierce Grace studio

Hothouse - an unparalleled mentorship opportunity

Going from graduating a teacher training course to teaching the public is a big and often daunting step. We aim to support our graduates and prepare them to teach large public classes without allowing their confidence to be dented.

We are the only Teacher Training programme in the world that has a dedicated yoga studio (North/Hothouse) for graduates to begin their teaching journey. Run by graduates, taught by graduates and offering cut price hot yoga for the public. A revolutionary development in yoga mentoring and internship, graduates will have the opportunity to teach the public after graduation and find their voice and confidence in this supportive environment.

This optional, and free opportunity will see you being mentored while you:

  • Receive practise and support sessions prior to teaching your first public class
  • A regular public class to teach each week, where the students know you are starting out
  • Learn day to day running of a yoga studio, invaluable if you intend to own your own studio one day
  • Learn to check in classes, interact with students and answer their questions
  • Receive feedback on your teaching, and continued tips, tools, workshops and support

Course dates

Join our movement to revolutionise the way people move, age and feel. Master the tools to bring healing, self discovery and growth to your own life and to the lives of your students by learning to teach with Fierce Grace.


AUTUMN 2021 Online/London

Our Online Yoga Teacher Training Course runs over 6 weekends with optional in-person days on Sunday.

3 weekends live online Friday to Sunday, 3 weekends Saturday to Sunday. One Wednesday evening session. Homework and watching online pre recorded videos in your own time.

Option to attend live on Sundays in London if Lockdown restrictions permit at our North studio.

FEES: £2900


Oct 29th - Dec 5th


Live Online

Application form


A one month intensive course held at our North London studio.

You will be taught by two of the UK's most senior teachers Michele Pernetta and her senior teaching team.

Supremely practical, the course is focussed on teaching skills and you will be up and teaching in the first week. The course is based on our decades of teaching experience in busy studios and the expertise teachers of today need to work in mixed level busy studios, and we pride ourselves in creating a supportive nurturing environment for learning.

FEES: £3900


Mar 7th - Apr 2nd


Fierce Grace North, London

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