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An uplifting cardio-kundalini, muscle-sculpting class

Power up, get fit and ripped with a mix of strength poses, Kundalini, core and upper body strengtheners, stamina building and purifying breath work. Lose weight, get ripped and go Wild.

GET RIPPED (not torn.) WILD is a unique combination of Yoga’s strength poses, Kundalini Yoga, Core strengthening, Qui Gong, HIIT and Super Slow training. Constant movement combined with long slow strength holds, bring about an effective combination of freedom and control. Strengthens and sculpts every inch of your body while benefitting your joints. We work core, legs, neck, arms, back and glutes. This high energy, stamina building class is great for endurance, muscle tone, and weight loss.

Perfect for flexible people who need to strengthen. If you are looking for weight loss, long lean muscle and cardio vascular conditioning this is the class for you.

Find the WILD class in studio, on FGTV Live, or FGTV On Demand.


  • Improves alignment and joint mobility
  • Builds stamina, core power and strength
  • Yogic breathing balances the nervous system
  • Burns serious calories whilst sculpting every inch of your body