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The Fix

A condensed super-charged class to get you fitter faster

The condensed version of everything with some added surprises. This is a super-charged class designed to maintain your practise when you are high on motivation but low on time. A mix of Classic, Primal and FG, with a focus on arms, abs, breath and stamina.

The Fix blends elements of all the classes, including the key foundation poses, core strength upper body and ab conditioning and deep hip opening. A great maintenance class it whips you into shape faster than you can say 'Namaste'. For the motivated person on a tight schedule, this is an effective no-frills yoga class combining cardiovascular sweat-inducing poses, strength, flexibility, body sculpting, and stress-release through breath and relaxation. Do it in your lunch hour or on your way home from work and your energy levels will soar. Thirty minutes standing, twenty minutes floor work to leave you revitalised and raring to go.

Find The Fix in studio, on FGTV Live, or FGTV On Demand.


  • Maintain your yoga practice when you are short on time
  • Develops energy and cardiovascular fitness
  • Keeps you strong and flexible
  • Increases stamina, tones core and de-stresses