It's Time to Go Deeper

20th Feb 2014

Brace yourselves for the deepest stretch out there with our newest addition Deep Core. Find flexibility and alignment of your “true core” - the pelvis, hips and lower back and achieve deep relaxation.

You may have noticed the latest addition to the Fierce Grace studio schedule...Yes, that’s right, Deep Core is now available and we urge you to try a class as soon as possible.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this slow, deep class isn’t going to work you hard. Packing a punch for 75 minutes, Deep Core is the deepest stretch out there, helping realign, resolve and release, giving you time to stretch the parts other classes don’t reach. Delicious!

Still not convinced? Correct alignment is an essential building block for everyone’s practice and we can all benefit from going back to basics occasionally, so incorporating Deep Core into your weekly practice will help you improve on all levels. The intense re-alignment helps remind you and your body how to correctly get into, and hold, the Fierce Grace asanas.

Anyone suffering from an injury will also feel the benefits of Deep Core; helping the musculoskeletal system release, stretch and strengthen in a focused way means you can get back to your regular yoga practice or training for that triathlon.

And, as you know, we created Fierce Grace to suit urbanites and their lifestyles; it’s not every day you are feeling the love for a full 90 minutes of Classic or Fierce Grace. You might be feeling burned out and frazzled, or just haven’t been for a while and want to ease back in a bit.

So, take it sloooow and deeeeep, de-stress, detox and deepen your practice with The Core.

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