10 Tips for A Tough Class

08th Jan 2020 - Michele Pernetta

Michele Pernetta shares her top 10 tips for when you feel like you're struggling through a class.

Some days you rock through your hot yoga class like a Viking, others you feel more like a dormouse. This is normal. The body is different each week. Respect how you feel. Whether you push hard or back off to an easy pace, you can enjoy the class however it feels. Here are some tips for the fragile days:

1. Wrap your water bottle in a towel and lie it on its side. This keeps the water cool throughout class. Avoid using iced water. It’s too much of a shock for the body and it inhibits our natural cooling mechanisms.

2. Lose your breath and you've lost the practice. If you are out of breath - ensure you are breathing through your nose. Take a long (6-second) exhale to lower your heart rate and regain connection with your breath.

3. Spread your toes and press your big toe into the ground to steady yourself during the standing series.

4. Feel pain? Back off. Pain is a signal you've gone too far. Yoga is supposed to feel good!

5. Leave the sweat on your body. Sweat is your body’s personal air-con, let it do it’s job. It's sterile too. Your towel is not.

6. Smile (just a little though - or you might look a bit nuts) it takes less effort than frowning.

7. Kiss your phone goodbye and leave it and your social/work life outside with your shoes. This is your time to connect with yourself.

8. Cover your yoga mat with a thick towel so you’re not slipping and sliding during class (and you don't end up with a personal "moat.")

9. Wash your yoga kit in hot water after each class. Otherwise the next time you wear it in the hot room the odour will mean your “Namaste" will be more of an "Oi Vey!"

10. Lastly remember, you are getting healthier. And a healthy body doesn't mind the heat.

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