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"The No.1 Way To Get Fit."




Voted the #1 Hot Yoga Studios in London


Michele Pernetta interview in OmYoga July 2022


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As seen on BBC Sounds The Scene with Claira Hermet

Sunday Times Style

India Knight chooses FGTV as her pick of the week, and FG responsible for keeping her in her best shape.

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"The best online workout classes to keep fit at home."

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"The modern evolution of hot yoga."


"Fierce Grace is the cool kid of the London hot yoga scene."


"Fierce Grace continues to smash down preconceptions about who can do yoga."

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"Hot in more ways than one."

Hip Healthy

"Fierce Grace: Move over Bikram, there’s a new hot yoga system in town."

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"Tired yoga tropes like Buddhas and some odd mixture of capitalism and faux spiritualism are nowhere to be seen."

Dose Magazine

"I signed up and was hooked! 5 years later and I am still practising."


"One of the few hot yoga studios in London where people aren't obsessed with looks."

The Resisdent

"A truly modern evolution of hot yoga."

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"Goodbye gentle yoga moves and hello to a kick-ass class that combines weight training and cardio with all the muscle-lengthening properties of yoga."

Culture trip

"London’s original hot yoga studio."

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"I am studiosly loyal that to go anywhere else would feel like a betrayal of a vow."


"The Mecca of Hot Yoga in London"


"Fierce Grace has heart. And they're inviting you all to get in touch with yours."

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"Unlike other stricter studios, the variety at Fierce Grace gives practitioners different options to suit their experience"


"Fierce Grace does hot yoga a little bit differently thanks to its interconnected system of classes."


"A serious, no-nonsense mission to get our yoga up to tip-top status."

Dose Magazine

"For those who want to take it up a notch"

Womens Health

"Between the heat and the intensity of the teacher’s delivery, the effect is almost hypnotic and delivers the most relaxing savasana."

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"I was doing downward dogs next to a Hollywood a-lister"

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"A sanctuary to escape the high rise buildings and briefcases."

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"The best hot yoga method out there."

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"Fierce Grace combines cutting-edge fitness deliver total-body fitness, alignment and wellbeing."

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"Performing asana in high heat can promote healing so if you are injured, stiff or a beginner you could try a class such as the Fierce Grace S.O.B (Stiff, Old or Broken)"

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"The benefits of primal movement."

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"We love this revolutionary yoga practice"


"Bye bye comfort, hello flexibility."

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"Once the hour was up, I was fully committed to the meditative state."

Marketing Week

"The brand is no stranger to quirky, unique and challenging" - Meet the fitness brands tackling fat phobia and industry intimidation

The Sports Edit

"One of the best known studios for bringing the heat."

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"The fierceness doesn’t really come from them; the fierceness comes later, from within." - Zoe Williams, Fit in my 40s

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"If your suffering post-London Marathon head to hot yoga."

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"Practise yoga under the sun in a stunning valley at Villa Chimera."

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Yoga to relieve tense shoulders

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"I feel a rush of sudden, unbidden respect for my body." - Zoe Williams, Fit in my 40s

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"How to kick-start your body each morning - no coffee required."


"Focused yoga practice amongst Italy's finest landscapes."

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"How to beat the symptoms of menopause with hot yoga."


"More about easing tension than creating Insta appeal."

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"Guaranteed to make you break a sweat (without breaking a limb)."

IE mag

"Wild is a functional-based workout designed for anyone and everyone."


"Best For: Getting ripped without shifting metal."


"Yoga Poses You Can Do In The Office."

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"Deadlines done, I like to unwind with a 5pm classic class of hot yoga at Fierce Grace."

LOOK Magazine

"Forget gentle meditation – yoga’s had a makeover."


"Fierce Grace is and always has been a yoga revolution."

Evening Standard

"It can be of great benefit to those with poor posture or existing physical issues, as well as those who want to achieve their potential in the way they feel, move and perform athletically."

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"Some of the very best classes in this yoga-obsessed city"

Health and Fitness

"Deep Core Dark is the latest addiction."

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"I’m sweating from parts of my body that were not designed to sweat. Eyelids, toes, fingernails – you name it."

The times

"My 'ips and 'amstrings relax. My knee stops hurting. I have moments of tranquility."

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"We Spoke To Wellbeing Experts About Their Sleep Routine."

Harpers Bazaar

"Fierce Grace bridges the gap between conventional weight training and stretching."


"It is fun, informal and suitable for all levels."


"I left feeling completely centred."

Daily mail

"The heat allowed me to deepen further into a stretch I’d done many times before."

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"I felt lifted and re-energised and my skin noticeably had a glow."

Irish Times

"It’s disciplined and challenging, but the atmosphere is laidback and just, well, fun."


"Ideal for those looking to escape hectic city life."


"This is a brand for those who like to have fun."

The Resisdent

"If you are beginning to get bored of traditional Bikram, make a beeline for Fierce Grace."


"This is rock ’n’ roll yoga and you won’t be judged for missing classes or if you want to drink wine at dinner."

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"Pernetta has amassed a loyal following of celebrities, yogis and newcomers alike."


"Fierce Grace however have revolutionised Bikram Yoga through offering shorter and less ‘strict’ classes."

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"The tipping point was that Fierce Grace’s flyers were different. They featured people who looked like the sort with whom I’d quite happily go for several drinks. They weren’t skinny, weren’t all doing it perfectly."


"Spreading like wildfire amongst health conscious Londoners, Michele took her revolutionary yoga from living room to rented space and now to four top London venues."

Womens Health

"Not only do I feel lighter and more toned, but my energy levels are up, my posture has improved, my mind is calmer and I feel more grounded."

WG Larger

"Fierce Grace is the go-to for those who like their yoga hot."


"Teachers are trained to be kind, respectful and caring."

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"I emerge fully stretched out and revitalised - more like 26 year olds than 60-somethings."

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"Accessibility for all is precisely what sets Fierce Grace apart from other yoga classes."


"Fierce Grace lives up to its promise of giving a cardio-vascular boost and a fully rounded body workout."

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"The Health Food Store. Church of food righteousness. Disneyland promise of a new you."


"I felt amazing after."

Evening Standard

"Bye-bye Bikram and sweating in those jungle gyms. The hottest thing in the capital right now is warm exercise."

Evening Standard

"The latest studio with a conscience."

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"This friendly new way to get bendy is equally good for beginners as seasoned yogi masters."

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"6 Yoga Poses for New Mums."

Sunday times magazine

"This is what being relaxed feels like."