Emma Croft

Emma Croft

Emma Croft began yoga as a student of Michele Pernetta in 1995 at the very beginning of Michele's introduction of Bikram yoga to the UK.

Bikram told Michele to train 2 teachers so they could get ready to open a studio and so Emma was trained by Michele and was teaching with her at various locations around London. The first school was opened on Queens Crescent and the rest of the Hot Yoga revolution is UK yoga history.

Over the 2 decades of working closely with Michele, Emma has worked with students of all abilities, run the advanced class, prepared students for teacher training, and has coached students for the Yoga Asana Championships.

Also an actress (and short film Director) Emma draws on her her performance career when developing teachers for the teacher training program.

Michele has been hugely important in Emma's life and feels proud to have had the chance to help develop the Fierce Grace system before it was taken to the public.

Emma hopes to share her knowledge with you in class and help those who have never done any yoga before or have been taking class for years, as well as those who have decided to pursue a teaching career.

She teaches all the 5 Fierce Grace classes across the studios so find her on the schedule.