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Fierce Grace: Move over Bikram, there’s a new hot yoga system in town


"Earlier this year, Hip & Healthy met Michele Pernetta one of the UK’s leading yoga teachers. Having brought hot Bikram yoga to the UK 15 years ago, and after teaching the 26-posture regime for 19 years, Michele is ready for something new. ‘With our increasingly busy lifestyles, my students were asking for shorter classes, more variety and some were ready for more advanced yoga,’ Michele explains. ‘We’ve created some great yogis and I wanted to offer them progression and choice within my studios.’

Drawing on her vast knowledge and experience, together with cutting-edge research on attaining optimum results in the minimum time, Michele has created a brand-new and totally unique hot yoga system: Fierce Grace. There are five classes based on a series of core poses, but each class has a different emphasis, duration and intensity to suit your experience, fitness, schedule, energy level and mood on any given day.

Fierce Grace balances male and female forces: strength and flexibility, effort and surrender, intensity and relaxation – both in mind and in body. All five classes focus your mind, develop awareness of the breath and work every inch of your body from your toes to your brain, while the selection introduces variety and progression. ‘I don’t think it’s possible to cover absolutely everything in one class,’ says Michele, ‘so as most people will be in the general classes for a few years, it’s nice to have four to choose from and a wide variety of poses to keep things interesting and work the same areas of the body from different angles.’"

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