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"The drinks to help you really work out. 


Espresso: We know coffee gets us moving, which is also why it's perfect before a workout. "Caffeine can enhance performance during exercise and accelerate fat burn," says Dr Mayur Ranchordas, senior lecturer in sport and exercise nutrition at Sheffield Hallam University. "A study fond that athletes who drank caffeine before exercise burned 15 per cent more calories for three hours afterwards, compared to those who didn't," adds Michele Pernetta, founder of Fierce Grace and the woman who brought Bikram yoga to the UK. What's more, research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that drinking coffee before exercising means you're likely to eat fewer calories later, too. Want to try it? Dr Ranchordas recommends a double espresso 30 minutes before hitting the gym. 


Milk: Grab a glass of the white stuff. Why? "After exercise, we have a short window where the production of human growth hormone - needed to maintain metabolism and blood glucose levels - is elevated. Milk will keep production higher for longer," says Miclele. "The proteins in milk are around 80 per cent casein - which keeps you full - and 20 per cent whey, which helps muscle repair. Milk also contains lactose, which replenishes energy stores." Everyone benefits from protein post-workout, as it helps build lean muscle. 

Himalayan Salt: Not all salt is created equal. "A small amount of Himalayan salt in your drinking water can replenish the minerals lost after excessive sweating in a class like Bikram yoga," Michele explains. "It contains 84 different minerals, which your body needs for optimal function. It helps carry nutrients in and out of cells and regulates blood pressure, which rises during a vigorous workout." Michele recommends mixing a pinch with a litre of pure filtered water."