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The hottest new workouts in town


"The mindful one: Fierce Grace Yoga

No relation to the aforementioned dance craze, this brand-spanking-new form of yoga is a mix of Bikram, hatha and ashtanga, and is performed to an uplifting blend of ballads, classical and operatic music.

Fitness FYI: It’s devised by Michele Pernetta, the yoga guru who launched Bikram (a strict set of 26 yoga postures practised in a room heated to 40° C) in the UK in 1999, so you can bet this will be a hit, too. Unlike Bikram, Fierce Grace is set to music and there’s more variation in the classes. Sessions typically last around 80 minutes in a studio heated to 35° C, and you can expect deep core strengthening, abdominal work and lengthening stretches, as well as an optional 10-minute meditation. “The main aim of Fierce Grace yoga is to improve strength and confidence, while making you more flexible,” explains Michele. Celeb fans include Helena Bonham Carter, Mel C, Russell Brand and Nick Grimshaw. Apparently, various Victoria’s Secret models love it, too. And if it works for them…

Calorie burn: 500 per hour

The kit: Leggings or shorts with a vest.

Limber up: Classes run all over London, with more to spread across the UK later this year. Sign up at Fiercegrace.com.

The cost: Classes cost £15 a go."