Studio Review: Fierce Grace

Studio Review: Fierce Grace 

"Fierce Grace studios do hot yoga only, and they do it well. Be prepared for Bikram temperatures (i.e. ~40°C). Quality instructors and loyal following. Options for all levels.


  • Studios specializing in a new hot yoga method, offering a unique series of five classes based on the same core poses and principles but each with a different emphasis, duration and intensity
  • Classes use elements from Bikram, Ashtanga, Power Yoga and Classical hatha sequences

Who’s Behind It:

  • Michele Pernetta, one of the UK’s most well-known yoga teachers who was a student of Bikram Choudhury (hot yoga founder) for many years while she was recovering in LA from a martial arts knee injury. Michele also studied Ashtanga under Larry Schultz (father of Power Yoga)
  • Brought Bikram Yoga to the UK when she returned in 1994
  • Opened first studio, Chalk Farm, in 1999



  • Whole body workout comprising of 39 poses (Classic) and 49 poses (Fierce Grace) over 90 minutes, with lots of balancing, stretching and twisting exercises
  • Room heated to bikram temperatures so lots of sweating
  • Fierce Grace class done to music but not intrusive to yoga practice; it is also more dynamic than Classic and includes certain more advance poses like crows



  • Great, well-rounded dynamic workout. More active than traditional Bikram yoga
  • Poses relatively straight-forward yet doesn’t feel like a simple workout so appears to be good class for all levels
  • Excellent instructors across the board who are able to provide some individualized attention despite large class size and are very conscious of individual injuries"

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