Spotlight on Wall Push pose

17th Mar 2022 - Michele Pernetta

FG Founder Michele Pernetta takes a look at proper alignment and technique for Wall Push pose

Wall Push is a variation of a Qi Gong exercise, and also famous for preparing the hips and pelvis for Box Splits. This pose can help with opening hips, inner legs and strengthening the knees, quads, glutei, core, shoulders, arms and upper back. If performed correctly it's not easy!

How to do it

Take a wide step into Horse Stance - minimum 4ft. You'll know the right width as you sit down your knees will remain above ankles not forward of them. Always have knees face the 2nd and 3rd toe, so turn your feet out to match the direction your knee is pointing.

Open knees back as far as possible to open your hips, groin, inner thighs. The challenge is to keep the pelvis neutral, so tailbone usually needs to be drawn down towards the floor, navel in, lower back neutral. Front ribs neutral, belly in. Chest open. Shoulders down. And arms parallel.

Arm muscles tight, pull the hands back and up like they are against two walls.

Knees back more, improve your hips. Imagine you are pushing walls that are closing in on each side.

Just like Qi Gong, for this first half of the pose you breathe deeply and slowly in the belly and with the exhale send energy out though fingertips, crown, tailbone and into legs and feet. Energising the body. Make a slight contraction in your throat to slow the breath down and make a slight hissing sound in the throat.

Check back in with your posture. You need the feeling of sitting down. As you sit watch that the pelvic “bowl” stays somewhat neutral, so front hip bones up, tailbone down again, lower back easy and neutral. Lean back if needed to bring the shoulders above the hips, not in front. Your hips, shoulders and head against an imaginary wall.

For the second half of the pose, while your whole body is strengthening, use Fire Breath. Short powerful exhales through the nose. Inhale is passive. Pull the navel back to empty the lungs, relax the navel and the inhale takes care of itself. Fast - 5 per second. Flush toxins, massage internal organs and balance the nervous system. You're creating heat, purification, oxygenating.

Sit down! Arms up, arms back, legs strengthening, toning your abdomen. Last chance sit down a half an inch, and release, stand up arms down, feet together.

You should feel really good - strong and energised.

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