Secrets of Alignment Workshop with Michele Pernetta

Learn alignment protocols and put them into practice in this 3 hour interactive workshop with Fierce Grace Founder, Michele Pernetta

  • Learn how your pelvis, spine and core are the secrets to a safe and rewarding practice
  • Undo incorrect postural habits
  • Understand how deep to go into a pose
  • Learn how to safeguard your joints
  • Receive corrections and see how to modify for your body type or injury
  • Learn correct entry into some of the “glamour” poses
  • See posture demonstrations and ask the questions you’ve been dying to ask

WHERE: Fierce Grace City
WHEN: 1-4pm, Saturday 2nd November
PRICE: £25 / £20 for Monthly, Annual and Intro Members at FG City, West, North and PH*

*Discount will be automatically applied upon booking for City, North and West Monthly Members. Please use discount code alignme if you are on an intro offer, an annual member, or on an intro/monthly/annual membership at PH.

HOW TO BOOK: Book online or at reception