Fierce Grace Retreats

With Michele Pernetta

"Ideal for those looking to escape hectic city life and find greater balance in mind and body." - VOGUE 

"Is it my imagination or can two classes a day of the right kind of yoga lift the butt a couple of millimetres in just a week?" - Christa D'Souza via Get the Gloss


Our retreats take you on a yoga journey across the interconnected Fierce Grace system. Instead of just one class, you’ll experience them all to expand your horizons and introduce you to every kind of yoga movement, pose and energy. Our compassionate expert teaching will keep you inspired, surprised and evolving.

The classes build progressively from day one to day six gradually removing toxins, deepening your stretch and connectivity. As the body opens up and your strength and vitality increases, we work towards the more intense classes. This expertly designed progression allows every age and body type to open, safely improve and achieve more than they ever imagined possible.


We start at the bottom of the mountain removing the debris from our bodies and psyche from our city lives with the hip opening Deep Core class. Then we start climbing the hill, building our stamina and preparing our foundation with the Primal class. The Fierce Grace class is repeated throughout the week to keep establishing your progression. A 4-hour in-depth workshop with Michele will open your eyes to yoga alignment, technique and give you the tools to progress your practice effectively. Then as we climb higher and get into the zone, we ignite our fire with WILD and The Fix. In Spain, we will open our joints when suspended from the pelvic swings of the yoga wall. We keep releasing with more Deep Core and find ourselves able to open deeper than ever before. Zone out and bliss out in the relaxing, joint opening, meditative IN class. Then finally, we reach the summit with the FG2 class to facilitate breath and expansive flow.


  • World-renowned teaching - Michele Pernetta and a senior member of her teaching team deliver high quality teaching, personalised instruction and modifications.
  • We have over 19 years of experience running retreats and understanding our customer's needs. In 2020 we will reach our 100th retreat!
  • 7 different yoga classes, over 11 sessions thoroughly work you in every way. Delivering a full spectrum of yoga experiences, all connected by a set of core poses that run throughout.
  • Handpicked beautiful locations.
  • A night out to one of the must-see local towns/coasts/markets/restaurants.
  • Divine food and wine.
  • A wonderful variety of people of all ages and fitness levels, great for single people, couples, novices or yoga bunnies to feel perfectly welcome.
  • No judgment (no one will blink if you reach for a second glass of wine) we want you to relax, expand and let your city limitations relax.
  • A chance to 'just be', learn, relax, make friends and live life with Fierce Grace.

For more information or to obtain a booking form please e-mail [email protected] or call 0208 960 7445.

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