Pamper and Curves

Pamper and Curves

State of mind active and Fierce Grace Hot Yoga


"State of mind contacted me recently as they have collaborated with the Yoga studio Fierce Grace Hot Yoga and the lovely bloggers Hollie and Katie and wanted to know if I would like to join them along with some other plus size bloggers and models for an afternoon comprising of a photo shoot and a hot yoga class. I said yes immediately because any brand that wants to promote plus size exercise in a fun non judgemental way is really speaking my language. I have taken some yoga classes before and always loved them but I was slightly nervous about doing "Hot yoga" where the room temperature is kept very high and you sweat lots. Its always seemed like a different level of exercise to me and maybe not one I would particularly enjoy but I'm all for trying new things,am quite fit and knowing that I would be joined by other plus size women of various levels of fitness and bendiness made me feel comfortable.

When I arrived at the Fierce Grace Yoga Studio on East Road in London I was immediately made so welcome by everyone involved. State of mind had provided us all with lots of beautiful active wear to try for our photo shoot and Hollie and Katie looked after us really well.

About mid way through I did feel very hot and wondered if I needed a break but the instructor chose this moment to turn down the humidity and I surprised myself by not only completing the whole hour but also really enjoying it. Unsurprisingly the State of mind yoga wear performed brilliantly despite me sweating profusely. It really is such good stuff."

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