Just Opened London

Just Opened London

Fierce Grace


"Michele Pernetta, who brought the joys and sweats of Bikram yoga to our side of the pond 15 fifteen years ago has shaken up the yoga we know all over again. Fierce Grace yoga is a reinvention of Bikram Yoga and combines systems from Ashtanga Vinyasa, Classical Indian, Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga and core and arm strengthening sequences, to work every square inch of the body, from toes to brain. There are five different classes based on the same core poses –

Core (75 mins) – For the new-yogis. With more hands-on correction, this class is good for beginners, the stressed-out, or those recovering from injury.

Classic (80 mins) – a simple and fairly traditional hot yoga class that has a similar feel to Bikram, but with more poses and variations.

Fierce Grace (80 mins + 10 mins optional meditation) – a challenging class that combines Bikram, classical hatha and Ashtanga yoga, with added music.

Fierce, aka The Beast (105 mins) – a longer, advanced class with lotsa strength, flexibility, balance, patience and sense of humour.

The Fix (50 mins) – a high-octane condensed version of all the classes for the busy schedules.

Fierce Grace is supposed to be the cooler (literally, the rooms are a bit less hot than Bikram’s), more accessible younger sister of Bikram – great for heated yoga newbies."

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