Rehabilitation and Modification for Injuries

REHABILITATION AND MODIFICATION FOR INJURIES - Tools for Yoga instructors working with injured students

Course Teachers: Michele Pernetta and Todd Taylor
Course Location: Fierce Grace North and Queens Crescent Community Association
Course Requirement: Certified Teachers from all backgrounds including Yoga, Pilates, fitness, etc
Dates: Friday 18th - Sunday 20th October 2019 (Friday 8am - 5.15pm / Saturday 12.45pm - 8pm / Sunday 1.30pm - 7pm)
Cost: £395 (Deposit £100 - remaining balance due 18th September to guarantee space)

In the yoga and fitness industry today, with more and more people coming to class with injuries or issues, it is important instructors not just simply keep the person from making things worse, but actually offer rehabilitation exercises that will help them heal.

Our work is grounded in yoga wisdom, which has informed many physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises for decades, but has expanded into osteopathy, rehabilitation and physiotherapy wisdom to provide a practical, wide reaching set of tools for yoga teachers and fitness professionals to use to enhance whichever discipline they teach.

This 20 hour course is one of the first in-depth certifications for certified yoga teachers and fitness instructors to

This course is for teachers from all yoga and fitness backgrounds eager to increase their knowledge and understanding of how to work with injured students and provide alternatives and modifications for safety and rehabilitation.

Why train with us

We have been teaching injury modifications to our yoga teachers for 18 years.

Last year we launched a programme that also included latest findings in physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises to offer a wider scope to our work.

Our aim is to empower teachers of all kinds to help people with physical issues and injuries.

We have been building a team of experts, increasing our class offerings and syllabus to better serve people of all ages and abilities. The aim of our Yoga Teacher Training programmes is to support yoga teachers, improve teaching standards and ultimately the student's experience.

Our passion is expanding yoga’s reach to injured people, from injured athletes, to the total novice.

Most injury trainings are geared to the one-on-one private class setting. What we thought was missing was a format in which to teach people in the supportive environment of the group class. Many people prefer the support of a group and to not feel singled out or “different” just because they have a physical issue.

Today’s busy yoga and fitness studios are attracting more and more people with injuries, and teachers can feel disempowered to work confidently in this area. With 18 years' experience of running busy studios and supporting students with injuries in class settings – we are well placed to help you increase your skills in how to effectively support injured students when they arrive in your class. 

Course Outcomes

On this 20-hour course, you will understand and practice how to:

Course content:

About the Course Tutors

Michele Pernetta

Michele Pernetta has taught over 250,000 students over a 25 year career and is the founder of Fierce Grace Yoga and the Course Leader of Fierce Grace Teacher Training. A personal student of Birkam, Michele brought Hot Yoga to the UK and Europe in 1999. Michele's extensive experience and qualifications in Bikram Ashtanga Vinyasa, Rocket, Power Yoga, the Martial Arts, and Massage Therapy - as well as her decades of study in health and meditation - culminated in the launch of the Fierce Grace system in 2013. Michele personally healed her knees through yoga, and has helped countless students successfully rehabilitate a whole range of issues.

Todd Taylor

Todd is a Certified Massage Therapist and holds Full Body Certifications in A.R.T. (Active Release Techniques.) Todd is an experienced certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher and Pilates Instructor. He started his work in ART in San Francisco working with the Gaelic Football League and has received his training from leading physiotherapists and chiropractors in both the United States and Europe including Dr. Michael Leahy, developer of ART. He currently works in London treating patients at clinics and teaching yoga.

How to book

To request a booking form and check eligibility, or for any other questions about this course, please email [email protected]