Health and Hedonism

Health and Hedonism

Fierce Grace


"When a friend suggested I try out Fierce Grace - a form of hot yoga she swears by for lithe limbs and mental clarity, I was at first mildly apprehensive. For a Fierce Yogi I am not. I’d sooner swap a Vitacoco for a G&T and I’ve never made it to 10-minutes sitting sedately in a sauna, let alone 90-minutes testing the limits of my athletic ability in one.

I’ve always struggled to find my yoga style. The gongs and om’s feel somewhat contrived outside of Rishikesh and my balance and coordination in trying to master a speedy vinyassa flow when sandwiched arse to jowl inside a cramped London studio have often failed spectacularly. I’d sooner choose a high-octane cardio workout over yoga any day, but it has become so part of our vernacular, increasing in popularity daily, that I feel almost obliged to find my flow once and for all.

If you're like me, Fierce Grace is a good place to start. It offers an athletic fusion of Hatha, Bikram and Ashtanga designed to test core fitness, strength and flexibility, sequenced in a way to give optimal results in a minimal amount of time. Just add some heat and you’ve got yourself a serious calorie burning workout. What’s more, it speaks my language, with a no-nonsense manifesto aimed to demystify the ancient tradition and challenge stereotypes to give us something we can all relate to. The result is refreshingly unpretentious:

'Yoga is not a technique or an Indian mystery club, yoga is not about perfecting a pose or eating tofu but being courageous, getting off the sofa on a cold night and going to class…Buddhas, incense, chants and mudras wont get you there. We will not om you.'"

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