Fierce Grace Live: How to Join us online

10th Apr 2020 - Fierce Grace

FG LIVE - Fierce Grace live streamed classes on Fierce Grace TV Mindbody


Thank you for joining us online

Steps to join:

Register an account at the Fierce Grace TV MindBody here.

Once you are registered, simply book classes and you will receive an email link roughly 30 minutes prior to the class. Click the link in the email and you're in.

Your first class is free, so join now!

(Choose 'First Class' during checkout)

Getting the most out of your practice at home

- Setup you may parallel to the device where possible
- Get some blocks and a strap - you can use a couple of books, cushions, belt, dressing gown strap, whatever you have to had, and some water
- A link to the class playlist will be shared in the Zoom chat prior to class, or of course feel free to play your own music
- Share any injury or necessary info with the teacher using the chat function prior to class. (Never work into any pain, stay within your limits)
- Feel free to turn on your camera - the teacher will be able to watch and offer adjustments or modifications - or leave your camera off


First class free (Choose 'First Class' during checkout)

Lockdown Special: 30% off Class Packs

Drop In £6 (regular price £9)
10 Class Pack £52 (regular price £75) - 60 day expiry (buy now)
20 Class Pack £84 (regular price £120) - 60 day expiry (buy now)

Monthly Unlimited Autopay £60/m - recurring membership, cancel anytime without notice, first month only £30 (buy now)

Autopay and Annual members
We're very grateful to the members who kept their memberships running during this closed period to help support us, and you'll of course have free access included. This includes members at all London studios with active memberships. Please email [email protected] to have your account updated.

If you work for the NHS please contact us directly for 50% off all pricing options. Please include evidence of your NHS employment. (T&Cs apply)

Please register on the Fierce Grace TV and join us. If you encounter any issues please read the below FAQ or email [email protected] and we'll get you online!

It's been great to see so many of you, thank you for your support and see you in class.


  • I've got an autopay membership with one of the London studios, but it is not active (active means the membership is currently still running each month and is not suspended). What do I do?

All memberships and packages at all London studios have been suspended, and will be able to be reused when we reopen. Please purchase a drop-in or class pack for FG Live, at the 30% discount price showing on Fierce Grace TV MBO.

Alternatively email us at [email protected] to have your membership resinstated for included access to the live classes.

  • I've got an active (currently paying every month) autopay membership and want to access my included classes on FG Live

City, Primrose Hill, West or North: Please email [email protected] to have your account updated.

Note: only autopay members with an active membership receive FG Live included at no extra cost. Active means the membership is not suspended and is still being paid every month.

  • I'd like to reactivate my autopay membership to receive included access
City, Primrose Hill, West or North: Please contact [email protected]
  • I've got passes or classes at one of the London studios from before they had to close

Unfortunately studio packages or classes cannot be used online. All studio classes, packages and memberships are suspended and will be available to use when we reopen. Please purchase access to the live classes using one of the pricing options.

  • I've never practised at any Fierce Grace studio before, can I still join online?

Classes are open to absolutely everyone, we'd love to welcome you. Head to Fierce Grace TV to register.

  • I work with the NHS and would love to get my 50% off

Please email [email protected], including a photo of the NHS ID badge, Blue Badge or email from your NHS email account (or something similar), and we will send you a unique personalised discount code.

  • When am I charged for the class? At booking or when I join the class?

Your drop-in or class pack is only charged when you click the link to access the live class. If you book, but do not click the email link to join the class you will not be charged for that class and will be able to use that drop-in or class card class for another class.

  • Classes can be booked right up to the class start time and you should still receive the link
  • The cancellation window for all classes closes 5 minutes before the class - ie. if you cancel your booking less than 5 minutes before the class you will be charged for that class.
  • The booking window for classes opens 7 days before the class