Sam Hamilton

Sam Hamilton

Sam has a deep love and passion for Yoga as it has truly helped transform her life! She started practicing Yoga roughly 7 years ago. After her first class in the hot room, it was clear there was no turning back! She truly believes that this mind, body, soul practice has a profound effect on both the mental and physical state, thus finding her calling in training and becoming one of the first Fierce Grace teachers with the one the only Michele Pernetta! 

Sam qualified as Pilates Teacher in 2009 and feels this training gave her a great foundation to go onto train further within the Health and Wellbeing world!

Sam feels the importance of helping and looking after other's wellbeing a natural part of life and truly feels the pleasure in seeing and hearing about the positive changes on their journey to a healthier happier lifestyle.

She also understands that there is no end to learning and always room for growth, both as a student and as a teacher! This is not just for summer it's a lifestyle! 

Sam believes one of the most important things is to feel and show empathy, care and kindness for every individual as each person is on a unique journey to find balance and calm in this ever increasingly hectic world! 

Mindfulness+Awareness+Deep Breath+Movement ~ Yoga...

A mini Vaca for mind, body and soul! 

Breathe! ❤️