Paula Cronin

Paula Cronin

Paula began practicing yoga in 2008.  Little did she know, however, that all those previous years of stretching and breathing was actually yoga, too!

Paula completed her teacher training with Fierce Grace Yoga Alliance UK in March 2015 with Michele Pernetta and the Fierce Grace senior teachers, and has been teaching hot yoga with Fierce Grace ever since. 

Before becoming a yoga teacher Paula was a Social Worker for over 14 years, both in Australia and UK (although born and raised in New Zealand).   Throughout her Social Work career Paula chose to specialise in therapeutic areas, including counselling, group work, training, mentoring, developmental and policy work, and practice development; working in areas such as substance misuse, domestic abuse, mental health, and hospitals, to name just a few.  Paula has worked with all ages, including babies, children and young people, and older people over this time,  and is interested in facilitating healing and people’s ability to self-determine their own journeys to strive to reach their full potential.

To Paula, yoga is a more holistic and fulfilling way of working with people to heal physically, mentally and emotionally, to be healthy and to enjoy life. Any time she gets on the mat she just feels better.

Paula loves the feeling yoga gives her, in her body, in her mind, and in her soul, and loves sharing this with others.  Having dealt with her own injuries from snowboarding she is keen to support others to heal, and to practice safely but with a sense of freedom. 

Before and after every single class Paula has a massive smile on her face.  She has never experienced such an uplifting, joyful and rewarding vocation.  Paula absolutely loves teaching yoga, and it shows!