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The Third Metric

Partner Stretching Class: Could Practising With A Friend Really Iron Out My Aches And Pains?


"I'm 26 years old going on 60. I make 'oof' noises when I stand up after sitting down for a long time. I have creaky hips, achy joints and in winter I feel stiff in the morning.

I blame this partly on an inactive youth - the odd hockey or netball match, but little else - and student years spent embedded in the sofa with an almighty hangover.

Fast-forward to the present day and while I practise yoga once or twice per week, it doesn't make up for the 45 hours spent behind a desk.

That's why I find myself giving up a Friday night in the pub to go to Fierce Grace's Partner Stretching Class. I'm told that stretching with a partner is more beneficial - they gently ease you further into the posture using their own body weight - and feeling the way I do at the moment, I'll try anything - even a booze-free Friday...

It certainly does the trick. After an hour and a half in the Primrose Hill studio, Holly and I emerge fully stretched out and revitalised - more like 26 year olds than 60-somethings. This is partly due to stretching together and establishing a connection, but also due to the atmosphere Michelle promotes.

I sleep well and the next morning I have no aches or pains. Of course the feeling won't last, partner stretching should be done regularly and complimented with yoga or other regular stretches."

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