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"Based on classical hatha yoga sequenced in ways that adhere to ancient yogic principles, as well as the latest cutting-edge research on attaining optimum results in the minimum amount of time, it is a unique proposition of five different class types – Core, Classic, Fierce Grace, Fierce (aka The Beast) and The Fix – which are based on the same core poses but each with a different emphasis, duration and intensity. Sessions are conducted in rooms heated to approximately 100°F/35°C, a little cooler than a Bikram class.

Designed to be accessible and effective for everyone, from the yoga shy or the injured to the most ardent yoga bunny, the variety of classes gives practitioners different options to suit their experience, schedule and mood while still working together as a whole. Show up to any class and you will still get the core poses and core experience.

To Live Life with Fierce Grace means to develop your personal balance of male and female forces: strength and flexibility, effort and surrender, intensity and relaxation, and take these qualities into your life,’ says founder Michele Pernetta. ‘The five classes are designed to have a balance between these forces and allow the practitioner to “self prescribe” what they need on any given day, to balance themselves and work on their weak areas.The timid can become brave just as the inflexible can become flexible.’

A truly modern evolution of hot yoga, Fierce Grace is founded on traditional yogic principles but adjusted to suit the realities of modern city life, and the demands this kind of lifestyle makes on our bodies and minds."

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