Pretty Big Butterflies

Pretty Big Butterflies



"Is it me or is Yoga so fashionable right now? Everyone seems to be embracing Yoga – young, old, big or small. I’ve been yearning to give it a try but wasn’t sure if I could just roll into a gym and bend like a piece of elastic with the pros. So when State of Mind decided to host a plus size blogger event with Fierce Grace I jumped at the chance to be involved...

The teacher was patient and while he pushed us he didn’t scold us or make me feel weak or awkward. I was surprised at how strong I actually was and that my focusing my breathing I felt more in control. Oh boy did I sweat. I sweated more than ever before. Literally drips were coming off my as I bent and stretched in positions which I never thought I was strong enough to do.  The State of Mind cropped joggers and cami top I wore were great. They didn’t budge while I was moving so I didn’t have to worry about pulling anything up or down. Do you know how amazing it is to not have to worry about anything other than the current moment you’re in? Especially with something like yoga. I couldn’t imagine having to move my concentration from creating a pose to worrying about flashing my bum. Thanks to State of Mind this is NOT an issue.

Fierce Grace was just that. Absolutely Fierce. It has a super friendly relaxed vibe to it. Professional but welcoming and that trendy urban appeal. I’ll definitely be going back. I just have to prepare myself to be hot… nothing knew there then… ha!"

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