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The benefits of yoga in pregnancy


"Are you pregnant but want to keep fit? Then yoga could be what you are looking for. Advocates claim it boosts mind and body, helping to keep your pregnancy hassle-free. So what can yoga do for you?

Yoga is an ancient Indian form of exercise with an holistic approach, meaning it tackles a person's well being as a whole – mind and body – unlike other forms of exercise.

Yoga's roots can be traced back five thousand years and the name means to join, or to unite. It consists of different poses, called asanas, that should be held steady, while controlling the breathing. The breathing techniques, which are central to yoga, are called pranayamas.

Each asana has its own benefits and works different muscles, joints or systems of the body.

The philosophy behind yoga is that by daily practice the body is returned to its natural function so it can better take care of itself, one becomes more centred and relieved from stress. The body is also toned and strengthened at the same time."

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