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Fierce Grace – The Hot New HOT Yoga System


"Why the name ‘Fierce Grace’?

The system is seen as a combination of these two qualities:
FIERCE – Adjective
i) A Heartfelt powerful intensity
ii) Forceful, resolute action

GRACE – Noun
i) Simple Elegance or refinement of movement
ii) Inspiration from a higher power

As an occasional (and wishing it could be more regular) attendee of Fierce Grace classes, one of its attractions is the welcoming environment for people of all ages and ‘types’. There are no lectures on what you ‘must eat’ or how you ‘must live’ your life outside of the class, no deep, mystical knowledge you must learn in order to feel part of it. So it becomes a place where you can just arrive and ‘be with yourself’ for the duration and surprise yourself that you can actually make it through such a sequence of demanding physical challenges in a hot room, even with injuries or mobility difficulties."

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