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The Noble Art of Wellbeing Interview with Michele Pernetta


"Michele Pernetta is one of the UK’s most highly regarded teachers, having taught over a quarter of million students in her four studios and all over the world. Her 20+ years of experience in Bikram yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa and in combination with 15 years of athletic study including a martial arts Black Belt, massage certification and a 25 year spiritual practice. She is a Yoga Alliance Accredited Senior Yoga Teacher; a Certified Bikram Teacher...

Michele is known for her humorous, relaxed teaching style, her no-nonsense approach to teaching and her love of working with people of all ages and body types, especially those with injuries or physical problems.

Michele has brought together her extensive knowledge in the Fierce Grace system. Which is the new system of 5 interconnected yoga classes.

'I wanted to offer a range of classes to fully meet the needs of the students that come to my studios, as well as those that haven’t yet felt we could serve them. My hope is that this system will support you at every age and stage of your life. My vision is that in 30 years from now the practitioner practicing Fierce Grace will be a new breed of older person. Gone are the Zimmer frames, walking sticks and aches and pains. This new breed of Yoga Elder will up a mountain in their hiking shoes at 80, teaching their grandchildren handstands or scuba diving on a beach in Goa. Yoga Granddad will be leading fitness revolutions. Yoga is not just for the young and fit. It is to make every age young and fit.'"

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