My Zest Best

My Zest Best



"Six years ago, I took up hot yoga when I was in a fitness rut. It revived my cardiovascular strength, improved my muscle definition and helped my (self-diagnosed) A.D.D.

I’m not sure if it was the perfect package or if it was just the case of first love, but Calgary’s Hot Yoga on 17th set the standard for me. The studio became my bendy gazelle haven, all yoga-glam and eco-friendly. Their yogi brigade was all of the body inspiration that I needed to stay on track and keep reserving my mat space. Its teachers were experienced, the studio was very clean and there was a good repertoire of classes to choose from. The cool lemongrass infused facecloths you received at the end of each practice was reason enough to get monthly passes.

Just when I had found my niche, my life was uprooted and I moved to London. I became hellbent to fill the void of the studio I had fallen in love with.

The prereqs for my next suitor were:

  • heated rooms
  • a clean studio
  • had yogis whom I would want to emulate
  • a cool vibe to the atmosphere which would draw me in, even when I wasn’t feeling it

Over 4 years, a lot of sweat (literally) went into my research. This pricey pursuit, led me to doing a full tour of zones 1 + 2, visiting nearly 15 studios. As each practice has many influences (your own mindset being very much one of them), I had to do due diligence before making a decision.


Fierce Grace was one of three studios chosen for the list!

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